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Audio and Video To Capture The Moments


Our “Audio for video” products deliver one solution to all your problems in the sound department. Whether you are looking for shotgun microphones, lavaliers, field recorders, headphones, or the right accessories to pair with them, you have come to the right hub. We believe that there is a perfect kit for every department involved in the filmmaking process.

At Georges, we will help you build your sound set-up based on your individual needs. 


Pick From the Best Audio and Video Gear


Numerous brands out there have a good reputation for the technology they have created in this market. We bring you close to handpicked models of microphones and headphones on one platform so that you can compare multiple products. Be it a leading brand like Rode, or other fine brands that offer a reliable investment- it's all available. The varied range gives you a lot of flexibility to meet your needs at an affordable price. 

An On-camera shotgun microphone keeps you going without any hassle. It makes your work professional and is ideal for creating vlogs, conducting interviews and reporting purposes. The microphones come in all sizes, featuring wireless technology, and easy controls. 

Need a perfect headphone for your music? We have our entire collection ready to serve your purpose with a paper-cut design, solidly built, in classy blacks and whites- everything in trend for your pick. 

 Brands like Sony, Azden, Hama, Rode, and Audio Technica are competitive in their fields. They have each been involved in a lot of Research and Development, to bring out the latest technology to their fans. 


Make Your Video and Audio Content Stand Out


If you get the right equipment that suits your needs, and are still looking for something that will make that equipment stand out, check our range of accessories. From Wind protection to XLR Cables, Shock-mounts, Memory & Storage, etc. are available for you at our store.