Develop + Scan

Along with the wide range of film cameras and film rolls we have for sale, we also have 'develop and scan' services available for colour film, including disposable cameras.

How much does it cost?

  • 24 exp rolls: $15/roll
  • 36 exp rolls: $20/roll
  • Disposable cameras: $20/roll
We also offer High Res TIFF files for an additional $7 per roll, and an expedite fee for an additional $10 per roll.

How long does it take?

For colour, this is typically a 1-2 business day turnaround once dropped off
We have recently started processing colour 35mm film in our George Street store so we can deliver a much quicker turnaround time and better quality control. So if you live in Sydney or just passing through and need to develop 35mm film, please call or visit our store.
If you live far away in other parts of Sydney or even interstate, you can also send your rolls of film or 35mm disposable cameras in the mail and we'll process it for you.  

How do I receive my photos?

We will send you a dropbox link to download your images.

What happens to my film?

We will store your film negatives for 1 week after we process your film. If you would like them returned, come in and pick them up anytime before then.

Can I post in my film?

Yes! No problem. 


Any questions or advice, reach out via email -

call us on (02)9299 0177

or visit us in store at 387 George Street, Sydney, NSW