Passport Photos

Head to Georges and have your professional passport photo taken for top-quality ID and visa photographs. We aim to make your passport application service that little bit easier, which is why we use biometric technology software that has been officially approved by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) and meets Australian Government standards too.

We run your passport and ID photos through specific tests that determine on the spot whether its passport approved.

Get Your Worldwide Passport and US Visa Photos Today 

Our ID photos match the requirements of more than 60 countries worldwide, great for people that currently need a UK, European, or a US visa photo. Although you are guaranteed passport approval with our biometric photographs, we also include a compliance certificate with your purchase which prevents application rejection. Your experience is our number one priority.

No Bookings Required with Same Day Service

Feel free to drop in anytime during business hours and we will get your passport photo underway. We have professional lighting and equipment to make your image stand out.