Price Match

At Georges we always aim to provide you with the most competitive pricing on our extensive range of products and services. 

If you find a better price always check the following:

Is GST is included in the advertised price? Many of our competitors ship direct from overseas without our local taxes. Once the product lands in Australia customs will contact you to pay the taxes before releasing the product.
Is the warranty through the local manufacturer or a non approved repairer based in Australia? If the product does not come with a local manufacturers warranty it is often because it has travelled to Australia through indirect channels and can not be quality assured.
Check if the manuals and chargers local?
Is shipping and Paypal surcharges included?  

Always feel free to use our price match request button on your product of interest and we will always do our best to match. Remember we hold a significant amount of stock on hand and offer a store location in the heart of Sydney CBD for testing and returns.