Photographers know that lens filters are essential for protecting their lenses but they also offer so much more! Different types of lens filters can help you take your photography to the next level, creating effects and improvements impossible to achieve through photo editing suites. Circular screw on lens filters tend to be more convenient and easy to use especially when only using a single filter at a time. Filter holders allow you to create filter combinations from universal square / rectangular filters - explore different possibilities by stacking different lens filter combinations on top of one another for amazing results.

Photographers have plenty of filter options to choose from when looking for creative control and technical improvements. A polarising filter is great for reducing reflections, increasing colour saturation, and deepening contrast in photos. To prevent a blue haze from appearing on photos developed with UV sensitive film types, the UV filter blocks damaging ultraviolet rays coming directly off the sun. If you're seeking unique visuals through light manipulation then adding an Neutral Density (ND) lens can give your images beautiful motion blur or shoot wide during bright days by blocking out excess lighting entering the camera body. 

Take your photography to the next level with a huge variety of lens filters available from Georges Cameras. From popular brands like NiSi, Hoya, PolarPro and Moment – you’ll be able to safeguard lenses from dirt and dust or shift the properties of light for creative effects. No matter what kind of photos you enjoy taking - there is sure to be a filter that fits your unique needs.