What is the best Disposable Camera? - Comparing Yashica, Fuji & Kodak!

What is the best Disposable Camera? - Comparing Yashica, Fuji & Kodak!

Disposable cameras have re-emerged as a popular choice for photographers at all levels. Far from being forgotten, these cameras have gained a following among those seeking a distinct and creative photographic experience.

In our latest YouTube video, we showcase three highly popular disposable camera models: the Yashica Art Print, the Kodak Premium Flash, and the Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400.

Yashica Single-Use Art Print Disposable Camera

The Yashica Art Print disposable stands out with its Yashica 400 ISO negative colour film, suitable for both indoor and outdoor photography. Offering up to 27 exposures, it is a versatile choice for capturing a wide array of moments. You'll find the image quality to be sharp thanks to the f/11 aperture, while the combination of 400 ISO and a shutter speed of 1/125th are able to capture fast action in good light.


This camera is known for its warm tonal quality, particularly enhancing skin tones and creating vibrant, stylish photos with a unique grain texture. Its retro design, coupled with the handy built-in flash, makes it an ideal option for a budget-conscious, creative photographer who isn't afraid of experimenting with a unique look.


Kodak Premium Flash Disposable Camera

The Kodak Premium Flash, slightly more expensive than its counterparts, justifies its price with an impressive 39 exposures. Loaded with Kodak 800 speed film, it is renowned for producing vibrant, accurately coloured images.



The camera is slightly bigger than the others due to the more powerful flash, which extends up to 4.5 metres, making it suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. Its design is focused on comfort and usability, featuring a larger body that ensures a better grip, making it a perfect fit for those who are willing to invest a bit more for additional exposure and ergonomic design.


Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400 Disposable Camera

The Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400, priced similarly to the Yashica, also offers 27 exposures. It utilises Fujifilm's Superia X-Tra 400 Colour Negative Film, celebrated for its excellent colour reproduction and finer grain.


The camera is the only one in the lineup that has a fixed shutter speed of 1/100, making it great for everyday photos, including fast action and lower light settings. We recommend this disposable camera for enthusiasts who like the classic film aesthetic and anyone who prioritises film quality and consistency.


Side By Side Comparison and Photo Quality Results

Whether you are inclined towards the artistic flair of the Yashica, the expanded capacity and larger build of the Kodak, or the consistent quality of the Fujifilm, there is a disposable camera for every photographer's preference. The table below puts the cameras side-by-side to help give you a better understanding as to which model is right for you.


Yashica Art Print

Kodak Premium Flash

Fujifilm Quicksnap Flash 400

Film Type

Yashica 400 ISO Negative Colour Film

Kodak 800 Speed Film

Fujifilm's Fujicolor Superia X-Tra 400 Colour Negative Film

Exposure Count

27 Exposures

39 Exposures

27 Exposures

Tone & Image Quality

Warm tone, enhancing skin tones, vibrant with a unique grain texture

Vibrant, accurate colour reproduction, crisp and classic look

Excellent colour reproduction, finer grain, classic film look

Design & Aesthetics

Retro look, user-friendly

Focused on comfort and usability, slightly larger body

Classic look, easy to use

Flash Capabilities

Built-in flash

More powerful flash, range up to 4.5m

Standard flash, range up to 3m





Shutter Speed




Minimum Focusing Distance




Ideal Use

Budget-conscious creative photography

Those seeking extra exposures and a robust build

Photographers preferring consistency and classic film quality


Georges Film Developing and Printing Service

For those eager to explore the world of disposable cameras, Georges Cameras not only provides these fantastic models but also offers in-house development services. This makes it easy for anyone to bring their captured moments to life. Chat to our team to learn more about our develop and scan services which ensures a fast turn around for your film processing.