Recommended Video Rig Accessories for Under $500!

Recommended Video Rig Accessories for Under $500!

As beginners in videography, it can be a overwhelming to know where to start with the right gear. The first step is always picking the right rig accessories that will provide the best benefits in creating video content. Starting out, many people don’t want to invest in high-end, expensive videography gear, which is understandable. But this also doesn’t mean that you compromise on the quality of video equipment you invest in, as it will undoubtedly affect the quality of videos you capture and the enjoymennt of using your gear!. 

The best option is to invest in quality equipment that’s also budget-friendly. With this approach, you can rest assured about the quality of gear you invest in, and the resultant video quality - without breaking the bank with the equipment you purchase. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of essentials you must have in your kit as a beginner videographer. We’ve also recommended the top pick from each category so that you have an idea of the quality of gear you require to start.

Camera Cage


A camera cage works as a grip, mount, and housing for your camera. It also protects your camera from external elements during outdoor shoots. Furthermore, the camera cage keeps your camera safe from potential damage due to accidents, which are common during hectic video shoots. Apart from this, the camera cage allows better and more comfortable handheld use while providing multiple access points to mount various video accessories. 

As cameras come in different shapes and sizes, there's no one cage that fits every camera - you need to pick one according to your camera model. A good camera cage features a sturdy frame, top handle, clamps, rods, and a base. Tilta is the top brand for camera cages - it has crafted durable and sturdy camera cages for top cameras from different brands. 

Tilta camera cages are lightweight, accessible, and easy to set up. The advanced kit offers complete protection to your camera. It features a dovetail baseplate, top accessory mounting plate, sidearm mounting plate, a V-mount battery plate, and a right-angle mounting to attach wireless accessories to your camera.  

Video Mics



Microphones are a must in your kit; after all, apart from bright, vibrant quality videos, you also have to ensure you have crystal clear audio quality as well. At once, the poor-quality video may be let off by viewers, but not unclear, inaudible, or disturbed audio. Audio is what you use to communicate your message to the audience, so you cannot compromise on it. With a dedicated video mic, you can instantly enhance the overall quality of your video content. 

Now that you know the importance of investing in a video mic let’s also look at the brand that comes up with excellent quality microphones that are also budget-friendly. Of course, we’re talking about Saramonic, a brand famous in the world of videography for its well-designed microphones. They are compact, lightweight, and equipped with excellent battery life, making them well-suited for lengthy video shoots. Most importantly, Saramonic microphones can deliver quality audio in different shooting scenarios - so indoors or outdoors, you can shoot without worrying about the audio quality. 




Picking the right lens is key to ensuring video shooting is a breeze for you. You need lenses that can adapt to dynamic shooting requirements without affecting the quality of footage captured. For a seamless shooting experience, you can consider adding 24mm and 50mm lenses to your kit. A 24mm lens is perfect for wider shots, as it allows you to capture details of your subject effortlessly. The view of this lens is closest to what the human eye sees (on cropped sensors), and it offers just the level of magnification as the human eye.

The 50mm lens, on the other hand, is a fast lens that delivers stellar creative effects. When paired with a DSLR or mirrorless camera, it has a maximum aperture of f/1.8. As a result, you can comfortably use a 50mm lens in low-light shooting scenarios. These lenses also offer excellent quality bokeh - so if you’re looking to add some creative elements to your videos, this is the lens you need to invest in.

Now, which 24mm or 50mm lens should you pick? You can invest in any 24mm or 50mm lens from top brands such as Canon, Sony 50mm, Nikon 50mm, or Fujifilm. Each brand is known for its range of lenses with just the right set of video-friendly features. Also, you’d get a fantastic 24mm or 50mm lens at an affordable price. 

Video Monitors



The screen’s resolution on your camera may not be up to the mark, and video monitors are a great option for a bigger, better, and brighter view. Video monitors come in different shapes, sizes, and budget ranges, and it’s good to have one in your kit. Considering the constant usage of video monitors throughout the shoot, brands ensure that the monitors are durable but not too heavy. All you have to do is pick a high-resolution video monitor so you can have a clear and detailed view of the footage you’ve captured.

When it comes to budget-friendly video monitors, Atomos is an excellent Australian brand. Specifically for beginner videographers, the brand has come up with the Atomos Shinobi series. The video monitors in this series are perfect for vloggers, live streamers, and even cinematographers, irrespective of the scale they shoot on. Size, viewability, and functionality are three essential aspects for every video monitor. Atomos has nailed all three elements in its Shinobi video monitors, making it a perfect investment for you. 




Stabilization is key to enhancing the quality of videos you capture. Stabilization methods come in different forms - for example, your camera may have an in-built stabilization system, allowing you to shoot different types of videos comfortably. On the other hand, if your camera is not equipped with a stabilization mechanism, you need to add an camera gimbal gear to your kit. Gimbals are the perfect stabilization method built to deliver seamless stabilization to video footage.

If you’re considering adding a gimbal to your kit, you should consider Manfrotto MBG460. It’s a motorized gimbal stabilizer that offers a great payload capacity that can handle DSLR and mirrorless cameras. In addition, the design and setup of the gimbal are user-friendly, so you won’t have a tough time figuring your way around it. The most important feature of the Manfrotto 460 is that it is light in weight and able to handle a heavy load, making it travel-friendly and perfect for long shooting hours. 

Variable ND Filters



Why settle for plain-looking videos, when you can add a dash of creativity to them with the help of filters? Variable ND filters reduce the amount of light entering your camera while allowing you the flexibility to adjust light intensity as required. Thanks to this, you don’t have to keep swapping between individual filters, but rather carry just one filter that is versatile in its use.

NiSi is a brand known for its incredible, high performance range of filters. As beginner videographers, you can consider investing in the NiSi True Color ND-Vario filters. These filters offer greater control over exposure settings by reducing it by 1 to 5 stops. In addition, the True Color filters ensure no colour shift, typically visible in filters from other brands. Crafted with high-quality materials, the NiSi variable filters are a perfect addition to your videography kit.  




Good quality lighting is one of contributing factors that make an excellent quality video. Of course, if you’re shooting outdoors, you can always capitalize on the natural light flooding into the frame. But for indoor video shoots, where you don’t have access to natural light, you need to rely on external light sources. The best part about the various lighting equipment available out there is that you can modify them with the help of light modifiers, to introduce creative effects in the videos you shoot.

If you’re looking for affordable, good-quality lighting equipment, Pilotcine is an excellent brand. Pilotcine has developed various lighting equipment in different sizes and budget ranges. In addition, you can pick the lighting gear according to the type of shoot and effects you wish to create.  

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this, you can appreciate that there is a lot of cine equipment available; however, not all of it will suit an entry-level budget. With that said, you have to understand the quality of these items isn’t compromised due to the price. You will still get all the necessary features to produce broadcast-level footage and films. If you want to purchase any of these products, get in contact with our team either online or in-store. We can advise you of the availability and be happy to take you through the pros and cons of each model to ensure you get the best product for your needs.