Profoto Pro-D3: a relentless upgrade

Profoto Pro-D3: a relentless upgrade

It’s been a little while since we saw a new release from Profoto, especially for their mains-powered monolights; with the D2’s released in 2016, there’s been an ever-changing demand for more robust and responsive tools. Profoto, a pioneer in photographic lighting, has once again set the bar high with its latest offerings: the Profoto Pro-D3 750Ws and the Profoto Pro-D3 1250Ws Monolights.

Building on the success of their predecessors, the D2 series, these new models introduce enhanced features that promise to transform both the efficiency and creativity of any photo shoot. This article explores the specifications, features, and benefits of the Pro-D3 series, illustrating why these lights are indispensable for modern photography professionals.

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Enhanced Power and Performance

The Pro-D3 750Ws and Pro-D3 1250Ws provide a formidable power output suitable for a wide range of lighting conditions. The 750 Ws model is perfect for those who need a robust light that is versatile enough for studio and location work. In contrast, the 1250 Ws version is ideal for photographers who require extra power for large spaces or detailed high-speed work. Both models offer an impressive 11-stop energy range, which allows for precise control over light intensity; from 0.8 Ws to the maximum output on the Pro-D3 750 and from 1.3 Ws on the Pro-D3 1250, you’ll find the ability to get exactly the output you need instrumental.

Speed and Precision

Both models in the Pro-D3 series boast impressive recycling times that vary slightly depending on the voltage. For instance, at 230V, both models recycle from 0.01 seconds and range up to 0.5 seconds for the 750Ws and 0.8 seconds for the 1250Ws, allowing for rapid shooting without missing a beat. The precision in control is further enhanced by their energy stability feature, which guarantees less than 0.06 f-stop variation at lower energy settings and even less as power increases. This consistency is crucial for photographers who demand accuracy across multiple shots.

Advanced Flash Modes and Durations

 The Profoto Pro-D3 series offers three innovative flash modes: Eco, Boost, and Freeze, each tailored to different shooting scenarios. The Freeze mode, for example, allows for incredibly short flash durations—from 1/15900 s in the 750Ws and up to 1/12800 s in the 1250Ws model—perfect for capturing sharp images of fast-moving subjects. 

Eco mode lowers the power output of the heads by just under 10% to ensure they last even longer, even in challenging work environments, ensuring the least amount of colour shift. 

Flash parameters are optimized for color consistency and maximising equipment lifetime. This is benefical for intensive shooting environments where there is no time for replacing tubes or capacitors, and to ensure the longest usage and lifetime duration of the monolight. 

BOOST mode allows you to kick out an extra little bit of power from the heads whilst there will be a slight shift; this will enable you to get the greatest push of power, especially useful when placed in larger modifiers or extremely diffused lighting situations, where every watt counts.

FREEZE delivers the shortest flash duration for razor-sharp splashing liquid and fast action shots.  Flash durations are shortened, leader to the colour consistency being colder, but as a result, the flash duration shortens to 1/75,000 of a second for the 750 Ws model and 1/62,000 for the 1250 Ws.

Superior Colour Accuracy

Maintaining consistent colour temperatures is essential for any professional photographer, and the Pro-D3 lights excel in this area. Both models stabilise colour temperature across their flash power range, with slight variations depending on the mode—ranging from 6100K in the standard Eco and Boost modes up to 9000K in the Freeze setting for the 750Ws. This level of control helps ensure that the colours in the final photographs are vibrant, accurate, and consistent, even during long shoot days.

Continuous Lighting Capabilities

The Pro-D3 series is not only about flash. Both models also offer continuous LED lighting, which is increasingly important in a market where photographers often switch between stills and video. The LED setup in both models provides a maximum power of 56W, with a dimming range from 100% down to 1%. The colour temperature for continuous light remains consistent at 5600K, providing excellent fidelity for video productions.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

Connectivity is another strength of the Pro-D3 series, with built-in Profoto AirX technology. This allows for seamless integration with other Profoto equipment and remote control capabilities through Profoto Air remotes or the Profoto Control apps. The wireless operating range is extensive, supporting distances up to 100 metres under optimal conditions and expanding up to 300 metres when using Profoto remotes (or 30m with Bluetooth devices).

Practical Design Features

Designed for the rigours of professional use, both models come equipped with a robust stand adapter for standard 5/8 studs, an umbrella mount integrated into the stand adapter, and a user-friendly interface for easy adjustments. Firmware updates are also easily supported thanks to the USB-C ports ensuring the lights remain up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

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The Profoto Pro-D3 750Ws and 1250Ws Monolights represent a significant leap forward from the previous models. Whether capturing high-speed action shots or crafting the perfect portrait, these lights offer the power, precision, and versatility needed to excel in any professional setting. For more information on these Monolights, speak to our team in-store or over the phone and ensure you place your pre-orders early, as these two models will certainly be popular.