Profoto A2 Off Camera Wireless Flash Review

Profoto A2 Off Camera Wireless Flash Review

As photographers, we‘re always on the lookout for tools that can help elevate the quality of our content while making the workflow as efficient as possible. We’re always eager to invest in tools to help bring our creative ideas into reality - and light shaping tools are a product that can help elevate your content quality. With light modifiers, you can control and shape the light, and change the mood as required. And when it comes to excellent  light shapers, Profoto is the brand that truly represents quality.

Profoto has recently introduced a new product - the Profoto A2, the “little big light” - with a set of features built in the Profoto A2 that would typically be found in wireless flashes far bigger than the soft drink can size of this new model. This article will break down the new features and explain why this is a must-have light for portrait, food and product photographers.


Compact Form and Sleek Build

The compact size and sleek form of the Profoto A2 monolight is its first noticeable feature. The monolight is the size of a coke can and can easily fit into your pocket or backpack without taking up much space. With a combined weight of 773 grams, including the battery and stand adapter, the Profoto A2 is one of the most compact models from Profoto. Length-wise, the A2 is just as long as the Profoto A10 and has a height of 5 inches. Its lightweight, compact size allows you to pack and carry the monolight anywhere you want quickly. So whether you’re heading for an outdoor or indoor photoshoot, the Profoto A2 is the perfect companion you can effortlessly carry around.



Compatibility With Other Profoto Products

The Profoto A2 is compatible with a wide range of products from the brand, such as Profoto’s Clic light shaping tools. These include domes, grids, gels, softboxes, and much more. The A2 monolight also comes with a removable umbrella stand attachment. While Profoto A2 is entirely functional, its compatibility with other products allows you to use the light as part of a more extensive lighting setup.

The new Profoto Connect Pro Wireless Bluetooth Flash Triggers compliment the Profoto A2 perfectly and operate with up to 100 channels, are Air compatible AirX (backwards compatible with previous Profoto flashes).



Exceptional Performance in Different Shooting Conditions

The Profoto A2 features a round flash head and can deliver bright light in different shooting conditions. It has a 1- f-stop power range (0.1 to 100Ws) and a recycle time of 0.1 to 1.6 seconds. The monolight may be small, but it has enough watt output to brighten up an indoor and outdoor shooting setup. 

Profoto A2 Cliq Softbox


The A2 functions at a range of up to 100m. It also has a colour temperature of 5800K and can double up as a continuous light source. You also have a built-in reflector and lens, allowing you to experiment with creative lighting as you shoot. With a maximum output of 100Ws, the A2 is much more powerful than the A10, which offers 76Ws. It is, however, of lesser power than the B-series models - the B10 and B10X offer 250Ws, and the B10X Plus offers 500Ws. 


User-friendly Access and Control

Behind the scenes during photoshoots are always buzzing with activity, so we need to pick gear easier to access during shoots. Setting up the A2 requires barely any time. It has a large, high-resolution display, making it super easy to set it up and dial it in quickly and accurately. 


Additionally, the Profoto A2 has a user-friendly and accessible design and offers many possibilities in terms of control. All the power controls are at the back of the A2 - so if you’re already using Profoto’s products, such as the Profoto B10, you’ll find this design very familiar. With the back controls, you can quickly turn the light on and off and access other menu and control options. As a new user, you’ll quickly grasp how the A2 functions - that’s how easy and simple the menu is! 

Thanks to accessible design and control, you can easily control or modify the light settings manually. The Profoto Control app allows you to control the Profoto A2 via your smartphone or tablet. You also have the built-in Profoto AirX (3rd Generation Bluetooth Wireless Profoto connectivity), which allows you to connect the light modifier with your smartphone for remote access. 

Powerful Battery

The A2 features the same battery used for other A-series products - the powerful A-Series Mark II battery. The battery is removable and can deliver up to 400 flashes at full power. If the A2 runs out of charge, you have nothing to worry about, as the battery is rechargeable and can be charged to full capacity in less than two hours. The battery and charger of the Profoto A2 are fully compatible with other A-series products. 


Great Features at an Amazing Price

The Profoto A2 is an great performing pocket sized off camera wireless flash that provides a great performance from one of the best brands in the lighting industry. The Profoto A2 is priced at $1595 at launch and packs a serious punch in terms of performance and features.

A quick tip - When you turn on the A2, you’ll also see a QR code appearing on the screen. The code allows you to connect and sync your device to the Profoto app. By registering the A2 with profoto you’re also eligible for an additional year of warranty - it’s quick and easy, so it’s best to register, and you’re good to go! 


Summing Up

For those who have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Profoto A2, here’s some reason to cheer - the all-new light modifier from Profoto is beyond what we expected and is just the perfect light modifier to invest in.

So what are you waiting for? Place your pre-order today, and add this excellent piece of lighting equipment to your kit!