Canon PowerShot V10 - Review

Canon PowerShot V10 - Review

By Lauren Ramjan

Canon have just put out their new Powershot V10 - a small but powerful camera aimed at content creators. With a unique design reminiscent of the retro aesthetic we’ve seen popularised in the photography space in recent years, this tiny, pocket-sized camera weighs just 211 grams, and can fit in the palm of your hand. 


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Main Features


  • 1.0 inch CMOS sensor
  • 4K at 30p
  • Slow motion effects with Full HD at 60p
  • Approx. 20.9 megapixels
  • Max ISO 12800
  • 460,000 dot count
  • 19mm equivalent lens
  • 0.05m closest focusing distance
  • Subject and face tracking 
  • Smooth skin movie mode
  • Built-in stereo microphone
  • App connectivity
  • 211g
  • Battery 290



Physical Design and Build


On first impressions, the V10 has a vertical grip, shooting landscape while being held upright, and allowing for vertical video recording with ease. This means the camera is much more comfortable and easy to hold in your hand, especially when shooting with other gear at the same time. 


With a 180 degree tilting screen and 19mm equivalent lens, vlogging and content maximisation are made a priority, where you’ll easily be able to capture the entire scene, or yourself, without any issue. The 19mm equivalent lens allows for super wide shots, which is great for daily content, adventure, travel, and just capturing the entire context of where you are, which is really valuable to content creators this is aimed at. Using the 19mm wide angle with its built-in stand also creates a unique, tripod-free opportunity to create at a really interesting angle.


It also has a built-in microphone stereo and 3-mic noise cancellation, and after having tested it in a range of environments, the sound quality is pretty decent.



Internal Specs


When taking a look at the internal specs, one feature in particular was a standout. The V10 has the same 1 inch CMOS sensor integrated into it as Canon’s best-selling vlogging camera, the G7x. The image quality this camera is able to produce is impressive, along with its great lowlight capabilities, with a max ISO of 12800. 


The Powershot V10 allows for 4K recording at 30p,and can create slow motion effects with Full HD 60p video. It features autofocus with face tracking, as well as subject detection for people, and a dot count of 460,000, as well as shake stabilisation. 


In terms of looking at exactly how this tiny camera can add value to your content as a creative, the V10 offers remote shooting to the Canon Camera Connect App, as well as smooth skin movie mode. The Powershot V10 is all about efficiency, and getting the most content possible with the least amount of extra work. You’re able to connect the camera to your phone quickly and easily, and shoot content efficiently, no matter what setting you’re in. Allowing for an hour of video recording, and 290 shots of battery life, it’s again proving powerful for its size.




Overall, this is a camera that has the potential to both bring back a love of photography and creativity, while also providing benefit in getting extra footage and b-camera work on professional shoots.


Those who work in photography can often find it difficult finding time to shoot outside of work, and most of us aren’t really wanting to carry around a huge camera for a simple night out with friends, or a walk along the beach. The value of this camera really is its size, because it makes it so usable, and it's often true that the best camera is the one you actually use. 


So no, don’t go throwing away your mirrorless and DSLR builds just yet - this isn’t a replacement. But if you’re looking to get more creative, and get back to having fun with photography, this could be the camera for you.


What do you think of Canon’s new Powershot V10? Will you be using it on professional shoots? For content creation? Or just for the fun of creating?


Come in to George’s Sydney to test it out, and let us know what you think!


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