Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 Review

Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 Review

Blackmagic Design recently launched a new addition to its pocket camera - the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K G2 model. Filmmakers who swear by Blackmagic’s range of pocket cinema cameras are already all over the brand new model! The Blackmagic 6K G2 is the successor of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and is equipped with new features.


If you pit the G2 model against the 6K Pro, you’ll notice many borrowed features. But compared to the original 6K pocket camera, there are some noticeable differences and additions. The G2 has an improved autofocus system, a larger battery, optional electronic viewfinder support, and an adjustable touchscreen. Compared to its predecessor, the G2 allows you to shoot for a longer time while improving the composition of your shots. The best part? The brand new Blackmagic G2 camera is far more affordable than its predecessor!



Apart from a bunch of upgraded features, the G2 has the same capabilities as the original Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and the 6K Pro.

Specifications of the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k G2 

  • Designed from carbon fibre polycarbonate composite.
  • 6144 x 3456 sensor with 13 stops and dual native ISO up to 25,600.
  • Compatible with a wide range of popular EF lenses.
  • Up to 25,600 ISO for incredible low light performance.
  • Standard open file formats are compatible with popular software.
  • Adjustable LCD screen.
  • Includes Blackmagic Generation 5 Color Science.
  • Optional Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Pro EVF.
  • Professional mini XLR inputs with 48-volt phantom power.
  • Larger NP-F570 battery, optional Blackmagic Pocket Camera Pro Grip.
  • Includes full DaVinci Resolve Studio for post-production.



A Detailed Insight Into the All-New Blackmagic G2 

When investing in a new camera, you must first look for what sets it apart from its predecessors or similar models from other brands. Below are some of the standout features that make this cine camera a worthy choice over previous models:


Gyro Image Stabilisation for Sharp Imagery 

Thanks to the new image stabilisation mechanism in the Blackmagic G2, you can now record gyroscopic data inside the camera, resulting in much more compelling image and video stabilisation. The camera records its positional and rotational data directly in the metadata file to offer the best possible stabilisation to imagery in post-processing. In addition, using a fast shutter speed with ease is entirely possible with the Gyro Image Stabilisation built into the G2. 


Brand New Flexible Touchscreen

The G2 features the upgraded 5-inch swivelling screen, arguably a very useful addition to the successor of the Blackmagic 6K. The touchscreen is flexible and bright enough, making it a valuable and accessible feature for the dynamic shooting requirements of filmmakers and videographers. 



Larger Battery to Keep The Camera Going for Longer Hours

The G2 features the NP-F750, larger than the Canon batteries that the original Blackmagic 4K and 6K models come with. The improved battery life is a welcome addition to the G2 and allows you to shoot for longer durations comfortably.


XLR Mini Connectors for Better Audio Quality

The Blackmagic G2 features two separate XLR mini connectors like the 6K Pro model. These allow you to connect the camera to two XLR microphones. The original 6K had only one XLR connector, but the 6K Pro can quickly help you record clear audio with the two slots.


Optional Viewfinder for a Seamless Outdoor Shooting Experience

The G2 is also equipped with an optional viewfinder, which makes handheld and outdoor shooting effortless. The viewfinder has an integrated high-quality 1280 x 960 OLED display and a built-in proximity sensor. You also have the four-element glass diopter, which delivers incredible accuracy in different shooting conditions.


Absence of Built-in ND Filters 

The 6K Pro featured built-in ND filters, which are absent in the G2 model. The removal of ND filters is completely alright (and justified) because creators prefer adding the ND filters of their choice to lenses. The absence of ND filters in the new model has also helped Blackmagic cut down on the overall cost of the camera - which explains why it is relatively cheaper than its counterparts.


Sturdy Body - Fit for Outdoor Shoots

Like its predecessors, the all-new Blackmagic G2 is made of carbon fibre polycarbonate composite, a durable, sturdy material. As a result, the camera can easily sustain tough shooting conditions, giving you the freedom to carry this pocket camera for all your travels and adventures.




Top Quality Image Sensor for Excellent Quality Imagery

The Blackmagic G2 sports the 6144 x 3456 Super 35 image sensor. The sensor features 13 stops of dynamic range and a dual native ISO of 25600. The sensor allows you to shoot in different shooting conditions comfortably. Irrespective of the lighting scenario, you’re assured of quality images and videos, thanks to the ISO range of this camera.



User-Friendly Operating System

The G2 features the advanced Blackmagic OS, and users are in for an intuitive and accessible camera operating system. The interface has user-friendly features such as tap and swipe gestures, with which you can adjust settings, view recording status, and add metadata. You have complete control over the advanced features of the camera too.


Summing Up

Blackmagic Design has always been known for its excellent cine cameras that are crafted considering the requirements of modern-age filmmakers and cinematographers. Blackmagic has always ensured its new camera models have better, upgraded features - and the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k G2 is no exception. It flaunts all the necessary specifications and more at a great price! So if you want to add the Blackmagic G2 to your kit, what’s stopping you? Reach out to the team at Georges in-store, online or via the phone and pre-order your camera to avoid disappointment.