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Your Wireless Mic Needs Met With Georges


Are you looking for professional equipment for your videos? Georges has the perfect technical gear for you, at excellent prices. 

Wireless mics are a great addition to every video setup. If you are making a podcast, live streaming content to a broad audience, or vlogging, you need quality audio. They also offer immense freedom during onstage events and recordings. 

Moreover, wireless mics also provide flexibility and high-quality audio. This makes for better videos that can reach a wider audience. If you are looking for the perfect wireless mic, Georges can give you great deals on the best quality devices.


Best Deals on Wireless Mics


Your search for pro wireless mics at reasonable costs ends here at Georges. Our range of mics is of premium build and quality. They can provide flexibility during live performances. In addition to this, they also offer you the comfort of mixing audio with videos for vlogging, live streaming and podcasting. 

Are you looking for a wireless mic that is compatible with mobile devices? Our range of Lavalier microphones is perfect, and operate at the 2.4 GHz range. Auto-sync between the transmitter and receiver is flawlessly calibrated. Plus, it can work within a range of 35 meters. Rechargeable internal batteries and the headphone monitor display make them the perfect companion. Wide frequency responses and low internal noise offer high-quality audio with minimal interference. 

If you need a wireless handheld mic, we've got a great range for you in that department, too. With easy installation and instantaneous channel selection, sync, and set up, these come with a reliable digital receiver. Automatic frequency selection is undoubtedly a plus. Georges offers you the best wireless mics for your every need, so dive right in.


More Microphone Accessories for You


Now that you have found the best wireless mics let’s go a step further. Look for an upgrade with one of our cameras with built-in live streaming functionality for an edge. Great equipment from Georges will help you on your path to great audio and video quality.