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Studio and Lighting at Affordable Prices


Studio and Lighting at Affordable Prices


We cannot emphasize the importance of lightning enough; it can make or break a photograph. When all other aspects are in place, the lighting has to be picture-perfect, too. And that’s why any serious photographer or videographer must invest in good quality studio lighting equipment. If you’re looking to take your craft a notch higher, do consider investing in light shaping tools. They will instantly enhance your workflow, taking it to a whole new level.


Lighting Essentials to Glam Up Your Photography


At Georges Cameras, we have a whole section dedicated to studio and lighting. This is because we know how important the ‘lighting’ in ‘Lights, Camera, and Action’ is. Whether it is constant lighting, continuous, LED or strobe lighting, you’ll find everything you need at Georges Cameras.

We house some of the top lighting brands such as Aputure, Profoto, Lastolite, Manfrotto, Nissin, Godox along with a range of others. Lighting accessories from these brands are designed keeping in mind the requirements of different genres of photography. These lighting stands, lighting booms, and lighting mounts are well-suited for all indoor and outdoor photoshoots.


Everything You Need, Right Here at Georges Cameras


From something as complex as on-camera lighting to something as simple as batteries, the Georges Cameras Store has it all. Come in-store to pick all the studio and lighting equipment you need. Lighting is the backbone of photography and cinematography, irrespective of the genre. Beginner or professional, every creative photographer should have dedicated gear which includes studio and lighting equipment.

Drop in at the Georges Camera store or simply browse through our website to pick the equipment you want to buy. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].