The Nikon Z f: It's an FM2 Built with Modern Technology

The Nikon Z f: It's an FM2 Built with Modern Technology

The Nikon Z f Mirrorless Camera enters the market as a revolutionary body, setting new benchmarks in photography and cinematography. Unlike its predecessors, this model has exceptional features such as a 24.5MP full-frame sensor, continuous shooting at 14 frames per second, and an 8-stop focus-point VR stabilisation system. These features make it a formidable competitor to rivals in the market.

But what sets the Nikon Z f apart, is its unprecedented balance between professional-level features and user-friendly design. It captures sharp images and incredible footage while maintaining a compact mirrorless size that defies the expectations of high-end mirrorless cameras. Add to that the new intuitive touchscreen interface, and you have a workhorse that meets and exceeds the needs of photographers and filmmakers alike.

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Nikon Z fc Sensor and Processor

One of the major highlights of the Nikon Z f is its remarkable 24.5MP sensor, which offers a striking balance between resolution, dynamic range, and low-light performance. It's helped out by the backside illumination design. This technology allows the camera to collect more light, thereby improving signal-to-noise ratios and providing less noisy images in low-lighting conditions.

Powering the sensor and other functions, such as pixel-shift, is the Expeed 7 Image Processor. Renowned for its speedy and efficient processing, the Expeed 7 drastically elevates the camera's overall functionality and image quality. It facilitates faster shooting, higher-quality video capture, and more responsive autofocus, amongst other benefits.

A groundbreaking addition to the Z f is pixel-shift technology. When the camera is securely mounted on a tripod or other equipment, this feature allows the user to capture multiple NEF (RAW) files while subtly shifting the sensor's position. Utilising Nikon's in-house NX Studio software, these files can be combined to create images of significantly higher resolution, greater colour fidelity, and minimised visual artefacts like moiré and noise. This is particularly advantageous for capturing highly detailed subjects such as fine landscape details such as moss, insects, or art.

Magnesium Alloy Body Design

The Nikon Z f Mirrorless Camera pays tribute to the past while stepping boldly into the future, aesthetically drawing inspiration from the iconic Nikon FM2 design. For those familiar with the FM2, you'll know how this iconic camera surpassed entry-level models to become a favourite amongst avid photographers. There's, fortunately, a similar feel to the FM2 thanks to a magnesium body and glossy black finish that exudes sophistication. Its grip has been meticulously designed to work seamlessly with FX lenses, offering a secure and comfortable hold. Adding to its tactile allure, the camera employs brass dials that emphasise material quality and contribute to an immensely satisfying operational experience.

Catering to a broad range of stylistic preferences, the Z f comes in seven different colours. In addition to the standard black model, it is also available in Sunset Orange, Stone Grey, Sepia Brown, Moss Green, Indigo Blue, and Bordeaux Red. Moreover, these alternative colours feature premium embossed leather exteriors, allowing photographers to match their equipment to their personal aesthetic.

Impressive 4K Video

Video content creators have compelling reasons to consider the Nikon Z f as their camera of choice, given its superior 4K video capabilities. The device supports a range of frame rates and formats, including H.265 10-bit in-camera recording and N-Log/HLG support. This level of specification allows for the intricate detailing of subjects like landscapes, architecture, and portraits.

Further bolstering its videography prowess, the Z f offers an extended recording duration of up to 125 minutes in 4K UHD/60p. The feature of 6K oversampling adds another layer of finesse, facilitating the creation of high-resolution videos that outperform many competitors in the same class.

For scenes requiring meticulous control, the Z f comes equipped with a Video S mode, allowing for consistent shutter speed while navigating auto exposure. This proves particularly useful in dynamic lighting conditions, such as shifting cloud cover or transitioning from sunlight to shade.

Additional video-centric features include time-lapse video recording, electronic vibration reduction, and extended shutter speed options. The camera also provides various technical tools like time codes, wave-form display, and recording zoom levels, accessible via the intuitive i menu.

Nikon Z f Rotating Screen and Viewfinder

The Nikon Z f Mirrorless Camera incorporates a 3.2" Vari-Angle Touch Screen, marking it as a pioneer in the full-frame Z series. With a sizable and high-resolution display, the screen brings a level of versatility and convenience that will be particularly appreciated by both photographers and videographers. The Vari-angle feature makes it easier to compose shots from challenging angles, whether overhead or low-angle perspectives, and even facilitates selfie captures.

This is also the first camera in the Z series to feature touch operations, allowing users to alter settings via the touch screen swiftly. This functionality ensures that photographers and videographers can stay focused on their compositions through the viewfinder while simultaneously making adjustments on the touch screen.

Speaking of the viewfinder, the Z f is equipped with a 1.27-cm/0.5-in., approximately 3690k-dot (Quad VGA) OLED electronic viewfinder. It offers customisable colour balance as well as both auto and 13-level manual brightness controls, enhancing the user's visual experience. Furthermore, the viewfinder boasts an impressive frame coverage of approximately 100% in both horizontal and vertical dimensions, ensuring that what you see is precisely what you capture. A viewfinder magnification of 0.8x aids in creating a spacious and comfortable viewing experience, allowing for meticulous framing and composition.

Functionality and Modes

A noteworthy addition to the camera's range of functionalities is its enhanced Monochrome mode. This mode now includes "Flat Monochrome" and "Deep Tone Monochrome" settings, in addition to the traditional "Monochrome" option. These nuanced grayscale controls allow users to deeply explore the interplay of light and shadow, making the camera versatile for a variety of settings such as landscapes, portraits, and urban scenes.

Beyond black and white photography, the Z f also excels in colour customisation through its Picture Control and Creative Picture Control features. These functionalities allow users to express moods, emotions, and environmental conditions through colour manipulation. A standout among these options is the new "Rich Tone Portrait" setting, specifically designed to retain the texture of skin while enhancing the richness of colour. This is particularly useful for portrait and wedding photographers seeking to achieve a certain emotional nuance.

With an impressive catalogue of 20 Creative Picture Control types and 11 standard Picture Control settings, the Nikon Z f offers extensive customisation possibilities. Moreover, the real-time preview feature ensures that users can see the effects of their chosen controls through the lens before finalising the shot.

Autofocus and Stabilisation

Regarding focus functionality, the camera features a 273-Point AF system that leverages deep learning algorithms to improve focus accuracy. The EXPEED 7 image processor enhances tracking capabilities for moving subjects such as pets and vehicles, allowing users to focus on composition without constantly adjusting settings. The AF system's sensitivity extends to low-light situations down to -10 EV, making it adaptable for nighttime landscapes and indoor portraits.

Working in unison, the Z f camera boasts an impressive 8-Stop Focus-Point Vibration Reduction stabilisation feature. This technology opens up new possibilities for handheld shooting, particularly in low-light and long-exposure settings. For the first time, focus point VR has been incorporated to minimise blur around the focus point, even when the subject is located at the edge of the frame. This advanced stabilisation system allows photographers to shoot handheld in various lighting conditions and compositions, giving the Z f a competitive edge in the camera market.

A Full-Frame Camera Designed For Hybrid Use

For enthusiasts or professionals looking to capture stills or create cinematic motion, the Nikon Z f is a compelling choice that offers a perfect blend of innovation, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate creative, this camera is a robust tool that can expand your creative horizons.


If you have any questions about this new Z f release, speak to our team in-store, via live chat or over the phone. Remember, there's a limited pre-order special, so if you are considering upgrading from an existing camera or want to pursue your creative goals, the Nikon Z f might be the perfect camera.