Sirui SVT75 Pro and Lite Tripod Review

Sirui SVT75 Pro and Lite Tripod Review

The Sirui SVT75 tripod kits, including both the Pro Rapid Professional and Lite Rapid Professional versions, are crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern videographers while maintaining affordable pricing. In our latest video for GeorgesCamerasTV learn why a Sirui SVT75 Tripod Kit might be the best thing since sliced bread.



Sirui SVT75 + SVH15 Pro Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

This Professional Kit suits professional videographers requiring a sturdy, versatile, and quickly deployable tripod for various shooting conditions. It offers a comprehensive range of features for demanding shooting environments, including:

  • A mid-level spreader
  • A carry handle
  • One-stage leg adjustment
  • Integrated spiked feet
  • Removable horseshoe foot pads
  • Pan and tilt dampening adjustment
  • A removable 75mm half ball with a quick-release handle
  • A 3/8" mount suitable for flat-mount sliders or tripods
  • Seven steps of counterbalance
  • A drop-in quick mount and release video plate with a lever lock.


In comparison to the SVT75

Sirui SVT75 + SVH15 Lite Rapid Professional Video Carbon Fibre Tripod Kit

On the other hand, the Lite Kit weighs less and maintains many of the same features as the Pro version but with subtle differences, including the dual handle operation.

Based on this, we recommend this kit as an excellent choice for semi-professional videographers or photography enthusiasts needing a lightweight yet robust tripod for diverse filming environments.

  • Rapid Deployment Legs
  • One Stage Leg Adjustment
  • Integrated Spiked Feet
  • Removable Horseshoe Foot Pads
  • Weight: 7.4kg
  • Pan and Tilt Dampening Adjustment
  • Removable 75mm Half Ball with Quick Release Handle
  • 3/8" Mount for Use on Flat Mount Sliders or Tripods
  • 7 Steps of Counterbalance
  • Drop in Quick Mount and Release Video Plate with Lever Lock
  • Dual Handle Operation


Leg Design and Weight

The Sirui SVT75 tripod showcases an exceptional leg design and weight combination. The Pro and Lite versions are constructed with elite carbon fibre, ensuring a robust yet lightweight design. The maximum leg diameter of 40 millimetres is easy to move around, contributing to its enhanced stability and ability to handle demanding tasks.

In terms of weight, the Pro version isn't something you'll want to hold for hours on end, though, topping the scales at 7.8kg, while the Lite version is slightly lighter at 7.4kg. This design philosophy resonates with the need for a tripod that can withstand various shooting environments, from studio settings to rugged outdoor landscapes.


Latches, Grip and Handle

The ergonomic design of the Sirui SVT75 tripods extends to their latches, grip, and handle, emphasising ease of use and transportation with the included tripod bag. The thoughtful placement and ability to attach and remove these elements reflect Sirui's commitment to quality, feedback and user comfort.

The Pro version includes a metal strap for easier carrying, enhancing portability. The ergonomic grip and carrying handle are tailored to facilitate comfortable and secure transportation, making these tripods a reliable companion for on-the-go shooting scenarios.


Hydraulic Fluid Head

The hydraulic fluid head of the Sirui SVT75 tripods is a testament to the series' engineering excellence. It allows for complete, smooth camera movement control, offering pinpoint accuracy. The 360-degree pan rotation and a tilting range of -70 to +70 degrees enable effortless and smooth shots, crucial for professional-grade videography. This feature ensures that the SVT75 series can deliver stable and fluid motions regardless of the shooting conditions, which is essential for high-quality video production.


Tripod Adjustment Options

The Pro and Lite versions of the Sirui SVT75 tripods boast impressive adjustment options, ensuring versatility and adaptability in various shooting conditions.

For example, the tripods can quickly transition from a packed state to a working height between 21cm and 153cm, a particularly beneficial feature in fast-paced shooting environments. Plus, including a quick-release 3.25-inch base mount allows for rapid adjustments and levelling of the camera.

Additionally, the series includes three level bubbles for precise alignment, with one on top of a tripod leg, another on the base plate, and a third on the 75mm half-bowl head mount. This feature is complemented by the seven steps of counterbalance, allowing for perfect balance with rigs of different shapes and sizes. The Pro version's mid-level spreader is especially useful in uneven terrains, while the interchangeable horseshoe feet and dual-spike grip enhance stability on various surfaces.


Final Thoughts

In summary, if you are looking for an affordable stability option for your mirrorless, DSLR or camcorder, the Sirui SVT75 tripod series, both the Pro and Lite versions, will be ideal. Both are ingeniously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of modern videography, offering a perfect blend of stability, flexibility, and durability.