Kitting Out Cinema Cameras

Kitting Out Cinema Cameras

In one of our recent videos, Jo Stefan from Lime Blue Media partners with GeorgesCamerasTV to unveil her go-to cage system for the Sony FX3.


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In the video, Jo begins her tour with the centrepiece of her setup – a full metal cage by Tilta. This versatile rig is a game-changer for photographers and cinematographers alike. Its primary utility lies in its adaptability. You can scale it up with a plethora of add-ons or strip it down for a minimal setup to tailor the build to your production needs. 


The Tilta full metal cage system is known for its robustness, functionality, and phenomenal customisation features; this system stands out from the crowd, making it a firm favourite among videographers and cinematographers. Designed meticulously to fit snugly around the Sony FX3, the cage boasts mounting points on both sides, ensuring a firm grip and secure installation.

Jo FX3 01

Side Handle

Jo's setup ingeniously includes a side handle crafted from adjustable leather material. Not only does it add to the overall aesthetic of the rig, but its comfortable grip contributes significantly to the user's convenience. This handle is a good example of the inventiveness of Tilta and listening to their customer's feedback to make their products comfortable.

Top Of The Cage

The top feature of the Tilta Cage Rig is arguably its NATO rail. This strategically placed rail with two mounting points can be paired with a NATO rail handle or a cold shoe handle, giving you flexibility depending on your specific requirements. In addition, the cage has a cold shoe mount on the left side, offering an ideal spot to attach a microphone or any other accessory you need to get the job done. 

Jo FX3 02

Bottom Of The Cage

Adding to the cage's utility are the four 1/4-20 mounts on the bottom with an integrated Arca Swiss plate. The latter is compatible with all Arca Swiss tripod heads, making it versatile and suited to various shooting environments. The cage even includes a magnetic tool at the bottom for easy adjustments on the go, and the option to convert the cage to a half-cage design further underscores its flexibility.

FX3 Cage 09

Magic Arm

Jo considers the robust and functional magic arm by Tilta a game changer. Many professionals can attest to the difficulty of finding a good magic arm. However, Tilta has outdone itself by creating a magic arm that perfectly balances functionality, build quality, and aesthetic appeal. This tool is perfect for balancing your external monitor, preventing it from being too front or back-heavy.

FX3 Cage 04

Side Power Handle

Further customisation is available by adding the advanced side power handle to the left side of the cage. This handle can be powered with a Sony NPF-550 battery and seamlessly connected to the camera using a USB-C cable. A notable feature is the button at the top of the handle, allowing users to initiate recording effortlessly. What Jo finds invaluable about this handle, though, is its adjustable nature. The handle can be pivoted forward or backward, which makes it perfect for low-angle and high-angle shooting while minimising wrist fatigue.

 FX3 Cage 05

Mattebox and Filters

Another important element in Jo's rig is the Tilta Mirage Mattebox System with Variable ND placed at the front. This system accommodates an industry-standard 95mm clamp with filter-drop in cartridge, which supports circular ND filters. It's worth noting that this system can also support 4x5 and 6x5 filters simultaneously, such as Black Pro Mist, Multicolour and more. Even more impressive is the Nucleus Nano Motor Adapter, which allows users to adjust the stops of the variable ND filter via a flywheel, an ideal feature when shooting on the go in changing environments.

 FX3 Rig 06

Top Handle and Battery

One feature Jo can't stop praising is the top handle's ability to swivel for vertical shooting. With a simple click, you can switch between horizontal and vertical modes, a feature she finds incredibly handy. And instead of a V-mount battery, she opts for an Anton Bauer Titon Battery Base Plate that can provide power via a D-Tap setup for about seven hours on a single charge.

FX3 Cage 07

Monitor Setup

Maintaining the rig's simplicity for shooting vertical content, Jo prefers to detach her Atomos Ninja V monitor. This is a testament to the modularity and robustness of the Tilta Cage Rig. It highlights the rig's ability to provide a customised, comfortable, and functional setup for every cinematographer.

FX3 Cage 08

Final Thoughts 

With this rig setup, Jo Stefan has unlocked new possibilities for her Sony FX3. The setup exemplifies practicality, customisation, and robustness, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their camera's performance.


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You can get the full kit yourself with the below link:


Tilta Cage FX3 Rig Kit -  Jo Stephan Version


FX3 Cage 09