Waterproof Case WP-AA1


A camera housing that is waterproof to depths of 40 m.

SKU: VHW00401


Product Description

Slip your Nikon action camera into this waterproof case and you can shoot at depths of up to 40 m¹. For use with specific KeyMission cameras. This case features an additional battery compartment for a second battery. The battery in the camera and the battery in the case work sequentially: when one runs out, the other takes over. Why stop the dive just because you need a fresh battery?


¹ The waterproof performance of the WP-AA1 Waterproof Case is equivalent to JIS/IEC waterproof class 8 (IPX8). Water will not enter the waterproof case if held underwater at depths up to 40 m, for up to 30 minutes.

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