Velbon Camera Tripod Sherpa 250R + PH-157Q Head + Case

Velbon Camera Tripod Sherpa 250R + PH-157Q Head + Case

Max Holding Weight:4kg
Max Height:162cm
Retracted Height: 62.5cm
Weight of Product:2kg
Head:PH-157Q Head
SKU: Sherpa 250R + PH-157Q Head


Product Description

3-section legs, geared elevator, 3-way panhead with quick-release platform. General purpose model, just 2.1kg and 154cm maximum height. Suitable for Digital still and video cameras. Tripod bag included.

Panhead PH-157Q: The 3-way panhead with quick release system incorporates some clever features such as a one-touch handle that allows locking of both pan and tilt movements with one twist. The handle is mounted on the left which allows the user to keep his/her right hand free to operate the camera.

Slanting toothed gear: Most models in the Sherpa range feature slanting toothed geared elevator for smooth adjustment.

Friction adjuster enables adjustment in tension of the centre column elevator. After extending elevator, tension can be increased by rotating the friction adjuster.


Max Holding Weight:


Max Height:


Retracted Height:


Weight of Product:



PH-157Q Head

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