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  1. Olympus FL-300R Electronic Flash

    The FL-300R secures a GN of 28 (ISO200) despite its small size. It supports bounce shooting and use of a wide-angle lens up to 9mm when using the built in wide panel. In addition, it is compatible with the RC mode and can be used as a wireless flash.
  2. Olympus FL-14 Electronic Flash

    Accessories that expand your shooting range. This product is compact and lightweight, equivalent to Guide Number 14, and enables easy flash photography with stable brightness and ideal light control.
  3. Nissin i40 Compact Flash for Canon/Nikon/Sony/MFT/Fuji

    The pocket size of Nissin i40 weights only 203g of weight (*1). It is suitable for filling shadows on even the sunniest of days, suitable for family shooting, indoor/ outdoor shooting and especially suitable for traveling.
  4. Olympus FL-600R Electronic Flash

    The FL-600R is a high-brightness flash with a guide number of 36 (ISO100/m) and a maximum guide number of 50 (ISO200/m). Compared to FL-50R/FL-36R conventional flashes, this flash features greatly reduced charging time and improved operability.
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