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Lighting Stands, Booms and Mounts

Upgrade Your Studio With Lighting Stands, Booms and Mounts


When you enter a photography studio space for the first time, you may well see a forest of lighting stands, booms and mounts. All of these studio tools serve an important purpose. You can spend all the money in the world on the best studio speedlights, LED panels and monolights. However, if you don't have lighting stands, booms and mounts, don't even bother taking them out of the box. These items have traditionally been the property of big-budget studios for both photography and videography. Thanks to standout brands, any beginner, enthusiast or professional can now enjoy these essential supports to master their creative output. 


Lift Your Game With Lighting Stands


A light stand is one of the most essential studio items every visual creative must invest in. With a single light stand for camera work, you can position an off-camera flash or strobe to one side. As a result, your subject will be illuminated with far more interesting and creative lighting effects. With a pair or trio of light stands, you can set up multiple speedlights, strobes or LED panels around your subject. You'll effortlessly create side lighting, key lighting and backlighting effects to add drama and depth every time.  


Go Above and Beyond With Booms and Mounts 


A photography lighting boom arm takes your studio lighting to the next dimension. Boom arms securely clamp to a light stand and suspend even the heaviest LED panels safely above a subject. Top down lighting adds drama to any composition, and the easiest way to achieve this is with a lighting boom. Likewise, a lighting mount is essential to securely mount lighting equipment to light stands, booms and other fixtures. Georges Cameras has a comprehensive range of lighting stands, booms, mounts and every other imaginable studio lighting accessory in-store and online.