SmallHD AC7 LCD SDI Monitor

Inputs: SDI, HDMI, Component, Composite
Display: 1280x800, 400nits, 217ppi
Software: Focus Assist, False Color, 2x Zoom, Frame Guides, and more...


Product Description

The SmallHD AC7-LCD is a versatile 7-inch field monitor in that it appeals to DSLR and Cinema Camera shooters. Its display quality makes it easy to pull focus, check exposure and adjust framing, and it’s compact size makes it easy to add to your rig.


8-bit doesn’t sound like much more than 6-bit, but let’s put it this way; 8-bit means you get 64 times the amount of displayable colors than the popular 5.6” field monitors (e.g. SmallHD DP6).

True HD 720P

With a native resolution of 1280x800, one look at the AC7 field monitor and you’ll never want to use a built-in on-camera LCD to try and pull focus again.

Compact Frame

Even with a bigger screen, the AC7-LCD is barely any larger than our DP6 (standard 5.6”) and nearly the same weight. This means you can enjoy a larger, highter quality display, without adding bulk to your setup.



  • 6.9 x 4.6 x 1.2 (inches)
  • .85 lbs.
  • Aluminum Skeleton + Rubberized ABS Housing
  • 7.0 inch (177mm) - IPS LCD
  • 1280 x 800 (720P)
  • 217 ppi
  • 400 nits
  • 800:1


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