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Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone

Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone


Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone

  • Wireless Microphone with Range of 60m
  • Works with SR-WM4C Receiver
  • Powered by AA Batteries for Three Hours
  • Four Switchable Channels to Reduce Interference
  • Compact and Lightweight Build
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Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone

The compact Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone has an integrated transmitter that provides easy cable-free audio that is convenient and reliable. It is designed to work with the Saramonic VHF wireless system, specifically the SR-WM4C receiver, and features four switchable channels to ensure you get clear, interference-free audio.

60m Operating Range

The SR-HM4C microphone boasts an operation range of up to 60m and operates on the VHF frequency in the 203-216Mhz range, which allows the wireless signal to pass through obstructions like walls and ceilings for cleaner audio.

Powered by AA Batteries for Three Hours

Designed to operate on two AA batteries, the handheld wireless microphone can be used for up to three hours when paired with the SR-WM4C receiver.

Four Channels for Minimising Interference

Users can select one of four channels to control interference that may occur when the microphone is in operation. This allows you to select the channel that provides the clearest audio signal.

Compact and Lightweight Build

The SR HM 4C Wireless Microphone weighs an incredibly light 137g with a compact design that ensures it is highly portable and able to be added to your shooting kit without weighing you down.

More Information
Brand Saramonic
Type Wireless Mics

Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone

Power (Transmitter): 2x AA Batteries
Battery Life: 3 Hours
Microphone Type: Handheld
Signal-to-noise-ratio: 70.0dB or more
ON/OFF Switch: Yes
Range: 60m
Wireless Frequency: VHF 203-216 MHz
Channels: Channel A: 203.65 MHz Channel B: 207.75 MHz Channel C: 211.55 MHz Channel D: 215.35 MHz Presets:4 channels
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Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone

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Saramonic SR-HM4C Wireless Microphone