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Panasonic LUMIX S5 Body Only

Panasonic LUMIX S5 Body Only

Claim a Bonus Sigma 45mm Lens - Value $999 RRP. Valid from 30th April 2021 to 30th June 2021.
Special Price $2,657.00 Regular Price $3,049.00
  • 24MP Full Frame Dual Native ISO Sensor
  • 10bit 4K 60P Internal Recording
  • 5.9K 12bit RAW Video Output
  • Panasonic’s Dual IS System
  • 96MP High Res Mode
  • Free-angle LCD Screen
  • Weather Sealed Body
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Panasonic has announced the launch of the Panasonic Lumix S5 with a Leica L Mount. The Lumix S5 announcement heralds yet another giant step in mirrorless camera development from Panasonic. What’s more, this full-frame mirrorless camera packs a lot into a compact and lightweight body. So what should you expect from such a camera?

Well, for starters, the Panasonic Lumix S5 features an impressive 24MP full-frame sensor with sensor-shift image stabilization. Couple this with a Leica L Mount compatible lens and you will find image quality exceeds expectation. When you shoot with this camera, you can push the limits of photography. ISO settings will keep you seeing the light at an expansion of ISO 50 - 204,800, or if you want to keep respectively in the exposure triangle the default range of ISO 100 - 51200 will suffice.

When looking at the lineup of other Lumix cameras in Panasonic’s range the S1 is the closest fit. Aside from the physical side between the two models there are some significant differences which we will explore in the remainder of this article.


Lumix S5 Verses the Lumix S1: Big Things From A Tiny Package

The Panasonic Lumix S5 borrows heavily from the Lumix S1- but it still delivers its own qualities and enhancements. Compared to the early 2019 release Panasonic S1, as mentioned before the S5 is considerably smaller and lighter, weighing in at 714g in comparison to 1021g. Other differences include improved battery performance delivering an additional 60 shots per charge. In addition to the battery life video performance is also stepped up. The Panasonic Lumix S5 features a higher bit rate of 200mbps over the S1’s 150mbps.




  • 24MP - Full-frame CMOS Sensor
  • No Anti-aliasing (AA) filter
  • ISO 100 - 51200 (expands to 50-204800)
  • Leica L Mount
  • Sensor-shift Image Stabilization
  • 3.0 Fully Articulated Screen
  • 2360k dot Electronic Viewfinder
  • 7.0 fps continuous shooting
  • 4K (UHD) - 3840 x 2160 video resolution
  • Built-in Wireless
  • 714g
  • 133 x 97 x 82 mm
  • Weather-Sealed Body


Stunning Image Quality

The Panasonic Lumix S5 features a full-frame 24.2MP CMOS sensor and the Panasonic Venus processing engine. Through this pairing, the S5 delivers outstanding low light performance and image quality due to its Dual Native ISO. It optimises colour reproduction while effectively suppressing image noise. 

The Lumix S5 features amazing low-light management thanks to its high Signal-To-Noise ratio and standard ISO of 512000. The high-resolution mode captures an extraordinary level of exposure detail that is equivalent to 96MP single shot.

 The Lumix features a new 6K photo mode allowing you to extract 18MP high-resolution images from the footage. Plus, the newly developed and compact mechanical shutter allows for shutter actuation at 1/8000 seconds.


5-axis Dual I.S 2 Image Stablisation

Panasonic’s 5-Axis Dual I.S. 2 offers excellent stability in a range of situations. A high-precision gyrosensor joins the Dual I.S. system of 5-axis in-body stabilisation and 2-axis optical stabilisation in selected lenses for highly accurate shake detection and compensation. This makes it possible to use up to 6.5 stops slower shutter speed in both photo and video.


96 Megapixel High Resolution Sensor-Shift Mode

The 96MP High Resolution mode creates highly detailed images that can be turned into enormous prints or used in commercial imagery. Using sensor shift technology, it captures and combines eight consecutive images in-camera for outstanding results – from reproducing the delicate colours of natural landscapes to intricate fine arts, and can also be used when moving subjects are in the scene, by switching to the sub mode. It produces a 96-megapixel equivalent (12,000 x 8,000-pixel) RAW and/or JPEG image.


Ready for Exceptional Video Production

Panasonic has never been know to hold back on the video recording capabilities of their mirrorless cameras, and the S5 is no exception. The Panasonic Lumix S5 is capable of unlimited 4K 60p/50p 4:2:2 10-bit HDMI output and also delivers unlimited 4K 30p/25p 4:2:0 8-bit internal recording. In addition, 4K 60p/50p 4:2:0 10-bit and 4K 30p/25p 4:2:2 10-bit can be recorded internally for up to 30 minutes.

The Lumix S5 is also compatible with Panasonic’s DMWXLR1 microphone adaptor, allowing professional audio equipment to be used in video creation. Additionally, RAW video output via HDMI up to 5.9K will be available via a future firmware update.


14+ Stops Dynamic Range in V-Log

The camera features V-Log/V-Gamut with a wide dynamic range of 14+ stops, in line with the dynamic range of the Panasonic VariCam, to precisely capture everything from dark to bright areas. Subtle gradations such as skin tones are faithfully reproduced. Designed with consistent color management in mind, the recorded footage is easily matched with V-Log footage recorded by the LUMIX S1/S1H, or V-Log L footage recorded by the LUMIX GH5/GH5S, for an easier post production workflow. Practical tools like a Waveform Monitor and V-Log View Assist are included.


Up to 180 fps Slow Motion Recording

Slow & Quick mode enables impressive slow and quick motion video with autofocus, and can be accessed directly using the mode dial. In 4K the S5 achieves up to 30x quick or 2.5x slow motion at 1-60fps, and in FHD it achieves 60x quick or 7.5x slow motion at 1-180fps.

Note: The AF mode switches to MF when the frame rate is set to of 150 fps or more. The angle of view is reduced when the frame rate is set to 180 fps. Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 30 minutes.


Live Straming (Beta)

For live streaming, LUMIX Tether for Streaming (Beta) with LIVE VIEW mode is available. LUMIX Sync for iOS/Android devices enables image transfer to a smartphone or tablet via easy wireless connection.


High-speed, High-precision Autofocus & Reliable Performance

Panasonic has achieved high-speed AF with its advanced control technology incorporating the major devices – lens, sensor and imaging engine. The lens and sensor communicate at a maximum 480 fps. Contrast AF with DFD technology allows the S5 to achieve an ultra high-speed, high-precision AF of approximately 0.08* sec. It also excels in low-light shooting, with -6EV** luminance detection performance in Low Light AF, thanks to the higher sensitivity and optimised tuning of the sensor.


Real-time AF Detection Technology

The S5 also incorporates an improved Deep Learning autofocus algorithm that offers greater accuracy in detecting specific subjects – including humans, people’s faces, and fast-moving animals. In addition to the eye, face and body, the head is also separately recognised by real-time detection technology to provide even more precise focusing. The camera keeps tracking subjects when they move quickly, turn away, tilt their head or move far away from the camera. Also, improvements to DFD technology have enhanced AFC, which allows the camera to keep tracking small or fast-moving subjects and capture them in crisp focus.


Splash/dust-resistant Magnesium Alloy Construction

To withstand heavy field use, the S5 has a magnesium alloy full die-cast body and is splash/dust-resistant***. With an optimum layout of heat dispersion components, heat is effectively transferred externally, which results in stable, continuous video recording for an extended time.


2,360K-dot high resolution OLED LVF

The large OLED LVF (Live View Finder) has a magnification ratio of approx. 0.74x, 2,360K-dot high resolution and a minimum time lag of less than 0.005 sec. A versatile free-angle 3.0-inch LCD rear monitor (3:2 aspect, approx.1840K-dot) with touch control allows for quick changes to settings, even when the user is in front of the camera.


Dual SD Card Slots

The S5 has dual SD Card slots - one slot complies with the high-speed, high-capacity UHS-II (Video Class 90) and the other with UHS-I. Users can select Relay Recording, Backup Recording or Allocation Recording modes.



Content sharing with smartphones is streamlined using Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy connection, Wi-Fi 5-GHz (IEEE802.11ac) and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi® (IEEE 802.11b/g/n). With an always-on Bluetooth connection, a smartphone can act as the camera’s remote control via the LUMIX Sync app. The settings of an S5 camera can also be copied and transmitted to other S5 cameras when shooting using multiple cameras.


LUMIX Tether

The S5 is compatible with the LUMIX Tether applications which enables tethered shooting via USB. Users can control the camera by connecting it to a PC. Images can be viewed on a large PC screen while shooting, which is useful in situations where continuous confirmation is required.


*11EV, at wide-end with S-R24105 (CIPA) in LVF120 fps setting.
**At ISO100, F1.4, AFS
***Dust and Splash Resistant does not guarantee that damage will not occur if this lens is subjected to direct contact with dust and water.

More Information
Brand Panasonic
Megapixels 24 Megapixels
Lens Mount Leica L-Mount
Sensor Size Full-Frame

The Panasonic Lumix S5 features an impressive 24MP full-frame sensor with sensor-shift image stabilization. Couple this with a Leica L Mount compatible lens and you will find image quality exceeds expectation. When you shoot with this camera you can really push the limits of photography. ISO settings will keep you seeing light at an expansion from ISO 50 - 204,800, or if you want to keep this side of the exposure triangle in default settings your range will limit from ISO 100 - 51200.


Body type Mirrorless Camera
Sensor type CMOS
Lens mount Leica L
Articulated LCD Yes
Format 4K (UHD) - 3840 x 2160 video resolution
USB USB 3.1 Gen 1 (5 GBit/sec)
WiFi Yes
What's in the box

In the Box

  • Panasonic S5 Mirrorless Camera
  • Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Li-ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Neck Strap
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What's in the box

In the Box

  • Panasonic S5 Mirrorless Camera
  • Panasonic DMW-BLK22 Li-ion Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Connection Cable
  • Neck Strap

Manufacturer Warranty

This product comes with a

12 month Austalian warranty

from Panasonic Australia