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Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO 280 for Canon

Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO 280 for Canon


Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO 280 for Canon

Product Overview

  • Supports Autofocus and Reduces Camera Shake
  • Enables Bulb and Continuous Shooting
  • Eliminates Camera Shake for Long Exposure Photography
  • 2m Long Cable with Twist and Lock Connectors
  • Available for a Range of Camera Models
  • Lightweight and Anti-Slip Construction
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Brand Hahnel

The Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO lets you control your cameras shutter release remotely to eradicate shake so you can take better shots. This makes it perfect for long exposure photography, macro shooting and any other style of photography where an ultra-stable setup is required. The remote includes a 2m long extension cable, interchangeable connectors, and has a hold function for continuous shooting and for bulb mode that allows you to hold your shutter open for longer. It is available for a variety of different camera brands.

Allows Autofocus and Reduces Shake

A half press of the trigger can be used to activate autofocus on your camera just like the shutter button and when you fully press the shutter is released. Because the remote is not attached to the camera any shake from the press and release of the shutter is removed, allowing you to capture sharper images at long shutter speeds.

Supports Bulb and Continuous Shooting Modes

The remote shutter release supports bulb mode shooting and features a hold button which allows you to open the shutter for an extended duration. This is incredibly useful for landscape and astro-photographers when shooting with extremely long shutter speeds. The hold button can be combined with a high-speed release mode for continuous shooting to ensure you get perfectly timed action shots.

Compatible with a range of Brands and Models

Available for a wide range of different brands and models of cameras the Hahnel shutter release check the compatibility in the specifications tab to ensure it will work with your camera. The cable also comes with an 2m extension cable with a twist and lock connection system that allows for more comfortable operation from a distance.

Lightweight and Anti-Slip Build

The Hahnel Shutter Release Remote is lightweight

What's in the box

In the box:

  • Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO 280 for Canon
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What's in the box

In the box:

  • Hahnel Remote Shutter Release PRO 280 for Canon