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Fujifilm Lab

If you talked about film photography a couple of years back, everyone would be uninterested in the conversation. And why not? After all, film photography lost its steam a long time ago. Not anymore. Film is back and with a vengeance! The best part of it? This time, it is here to stay! That’s why at Georges Cameras we are excited to announce a new processing service for film lovers #filmsnotdead!

Film Processing

To help you show your love of photography, we are now processing 35mm colour, and black and white C41 film in-store. Do not fret, 35mm may be vintage, but we are still in the 21st century! The process takes 1 hour and we send the digital files straight to email, so you can post them right away!


We have dedicated staff to process and scan your film here in-store, to provide you with the best results from your photos. We offer a develop and scan process through our Fujifilm Frontier lab, which will provide you with standard resolution digital files from your negatives. Develop and Scan a 24 exposure roll for $13. Develop and Scan a 36 exposure roll for $15. You will be able to access your scanned photos via a private Dropbox folder where we will host them for 7 days.

New to film?

Film photography is a unique type of photography on its own, and digital is yet to capture exactly what film can offer. Because of this, we are seeing a powerful resurgence of interest in this retro style of photography! Not sure how to use your film camera or what film to use? We have a fantastic range of films in store and we can explain the differences between them for you, and we can certainly help you through the basics of your camera. Here at Georges, we want to see you get out and shoot to the best of your ability and with the height of your creativity, and we want you to share it far and wide!