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Camera Film

The once retro photography method is now making a comeback. From polaroids to the revival of the film camera, this form of photography is starting to pop up everywhere. Sort of like vinyl records, those who use film, swear by it. People are flocking back to analog, but shooting with it means throwing away everything you know about digital cameras.

Getting your hands on quality film can be tricky. Georges stocks a range of film options for a variety of cameras. From camera film rolls to polaroid and Instax film, buying film for your camera is simple with Georges!

What is the best film for a film camera?

Depending on the type of camera you own, different types of film may be necessary. Georges stock 35mm and 120mm film. But what’s the difference? 35mm film is much smaller than 120mm film, making it more portable, but this also means it has less space for resolution and details. Shooting with 120mm film has its fair share of challenges as well. Because the film is larger, it contains less shots making it the more expensive option. The rolls themselves are also larger which means you have to carry more of them around.

Shop film photography accessories online at Georges

Film photography is a fun and creative way to either dip your toes into the photography industry or further enhance your skill set in the trade. For almost 40 years, Georges has helped photographers across Australia find their niche. To talk with our experts about our products or upcoming online and in-person events, get in touch with the team today. Call 02 9299 0177 or send an email to [email protected].