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Cables are connectors for transferring signals or current from one end of a device to another. As a filmmaker or photographer, you will have to deal with a variety of cables and connectors. They are produced in different sizes, kinds, and differ in usage as well. Therefore, gaining knowledge about the types and purposes of these cords will help you achieve a smooth production. 

Different Kinds Of Cables


Bayonet Neill-Concelman is a term given to the connector of the cable, after its developer. BNC cables match SD sources like satellite receivers, video components, cable boxes, etc. These original forms of these cables transmitted 480i analog video signals.


The original BNC cables have upgraded to SDI cables or Serial Digital Interface. The SDI cables have a 75-Ohm connector and an RG-6 cable. They are capable of transferring high signals with increased bandwidth. These cables carry video signals and audio via separate cords, for combined audio-visual performance. The SDI cables that use BNC connectors are also known as BNC cables. 


S-video cables separate colour and light signals from the video sources for efficient reproduction. At the same time, a component video cable is a better alternative and offers colour accuracy and reduced noise. It transmits luminance and two colour signals each on a single RCA cable. 


High-Definition Multimedia Interface, commonly known as HDMI cable, is an integrated approach for transferring both audio and video signals. They provide a higher bandwidth exchange for excellent quality output. The data sent or received through these cables remains uncompressed. 


The most common and widely used modern-day connectors are USB or Universal Serial Bus. These cables form a connection between two devices and support charging via an adapter. USB cables are available in various types and sizes. 


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Cables are an essential accessory to all kinds of equipment. The proper knowledge of their purpose is a necessity while working in the field of filmmaking and at large production houses. Here at Georges, we will help you gain a better connection for uninterrupted workflow.