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  1. Aputure NP-F970 Lithium Battery 26.AP-PBA01 Aputure 65
    Aputure NP-F970 Lithium Battery
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Buy Genuine Sony NP Batteries and Chargers 


Sony is a symbol of innovation and reliability - plus they are a reliable brand in consumer electronics. Whether it is their equipment or accessories, they are consistently the leading brand. The introduction of Sony's NP batteries and chargers have produced a safe, leak-proof alternative for power management.  


There is a list of manufacturers who offer third party products to power your equipment. However, Sony NP series is the most popular and high in demand. The battery series is a rechargeable and versatile power source. They are available in various sizes and types, making them compatible with cameras, monitors, lights, and more.  

Types Of Sony NP Batteries and Chargers


The NP-F batteries have varied battery capacity and sizes, ranging from F330 to F990. Most commonly used sizes are NP-F550 and NP-F770, which are lightweight and offer high-capacity for an all-round performance. 


Another compact alternative is NP-F970 Info-Lithium battery with a capacity of 6300 mAh. These Li-ion batteries are not susceptible to the memory effect, and thus, can be charged at any battery percentage. They come with a microprocessor that calculates and displays the remaining power duration in the view-finder and on the LCD. An F970 battery lasts for about 12 hours on one complete charge. 


The NP series batteries pair with digital battery chargers that are portable and lightweight. The accompanied chargers are a perfect companion to the NP batteries, as they enhance battery performance and ensure durability. 

Shop Sony's NP Batteries and Chargers at Georges.


Usually, acquiring third party assistance for a power back-up is considered a temporary or risky move. Sony's NP battery series fulfils all the requirements for guaranteed power management. They are a safe and leak-proof alternative for otherwise expensive gear. 


If you are a visual professional, owning additional batteries will gift you an uncompromised workflow. At our store, we bring you all types of video accessories, including multiple sizes of the NP batteries launched by Sony.