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Shop The Right Battery For Your Device


If you are a professional photographer or have a keen interest in documenting everyday activities, batteries are your must-have companions. Spare batteries keep you from missing out on a perfect shot and ensure that you are always ready to capture the action. 


Fortunately, several brands manufacture batteries and chargers. The batteries include original models from the same camera manufacturers as well as third party products. The power packs come in various sizes and styles to serve specific purposes, from primary level alkalines to rechargeable batteries. 


Low-profile and Safe Battery Choices


The power source required for camera equipment is developed differently than in consumer products. Leading brands like Sony, Digitek, Canon and Nikon manufacture safe and leak-proof batteries. The quality and reliability of any power source are of vital importance. 


While dealing with sophisticated and expensive gear, you must be cautious about the quality of accessories that you attach to these systems. High-quality batteries are long-lasting and cost-efficient and will give you the best bang for your buck. A few camera models are compatible with a rechargeable source, whereas some require a cable and a charging unit. 


There are various types of batteries, such as Lithium-ion, Nickel Cadmium, Nickel-Metal Hydride, and more. Each battery consists of different metals and chemical processes. While the Nickel Cadmium batteries are popular for their high discharge rates, Nickel-Metal Hydride is an eco-friendly alternative. However, for video or DSLR cameras, Li-ion batteries are an ideal choice as they offer high-performance and are cost-effective. 


Milliampere (mAh) is the measuring unit of a battery's capacity. It determines the duration for which the battery will run on a full charge. 


Georges Brings You a Wide Collection of Batteries


If you are looking forward to accessorising your camera kit with spare batteries or a replacement, you are at the right place. Here at Georges, we bring you a variety of collections for all your battery needs. We will serve you with the proper guidance and help you figure out the best investment for your equipment.