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Motorised System Accessories

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  1. edelkrone HeadPLUS Pan and Tilt Head ED-82290 Motorised System Accessories 3300
    edelkrone HeadPLUS Pan and Tilt Head
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Slider Accessories To Keep You Filming


Slider motorised system accessories are an integral part of video equipment, especially in the film industry. Motor accessories enhance the performance of your gear and using them the right way can better the quality of production significantly. 

The accessories include AC-DC Adapter, trigger cable for cameras, battery packs, panning accessories, motion control devices, pan and tilt heads, and more.


Motorised System Accessories For a Wide Selection of Sliders


We offer a wide variety of brands that produce exceptional quality. Edelekrone is a famous brand known by all in the film industry, thanks to its specialised equipment. The brand develops different types of slider accessories with a plethora of options available. 

Compatibility of accessories is another crucial factor one needs to consider. Different brands and types of cameras work with other systems. Therefore, you must be aware of the system that your camera needs before buying any accessory.  Accessorising allows you to experiment with creativity. With the help of these tools, the possibilities are endless.

The slider power adapter will let you connect the device for charging. You will also need a battery pack, or at least a spare one to ensure you never run out of power on a shoot.


Obtain The Best Slider Accessories and Tools

If you are looking to expand your kit, Georges is the right place. At Georges, we have an extensive range of gear and associated accessories to fulfil all your needs. We will help you make the right choice for the specific needs, at a fair price.