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Jibs To Take Your Video To The Next Level


A camera jib allows you to have complete control and stability while panning the camera. It makes room for more perspective, with seamless movements and professional-grade output. They are almost similar to camera sliders. 

Using a jib lets you shoot at various angles, for a creative narration and they are also comfortable while shooting at a height.


Get Video Jibs and Rigs at the Best Prices


Jibs have a balanced weight for an easy process. Therefore they are made up of aluminium or carbon fibre to make them portable and durable. The ones made of carbon fibre are lighter and easy to carry, whereas the aluminium ones provide sturdiness and stability. 

Since there is an extensive range of jibs available, you must know your compatibility and what kinds of shots you wish to take. Load capacity is another factor to consider before you decide the suitable equipment for your camera. 

Each jib has a specific horizontal and vertical reach. Small Jibs have a reach of about 1 meter. They can carry the load of a Usual DSLR along with the lens and accessories. On the other hand, a professional model can reach up to 7.6 meters. The advanced jibs can lift to 20kgs of load and are a reliable tool for filmmaking. 


Execute Your Vision Using a Jibs


As a professional filmmaker, jibs are a must-have. Moving in a panoramic horizon or zooming in and out, while maintaining the frame is a daunting task. Jibs will allow you to shoot a smooth movement in these situations. It will help you meet the vision and the result and enhance your creativity. 

If you are looking for a compatible Jib, we are here to serve you. At Georges, we have a comprehensive collection of jibs and other accessories.