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  1. edelkrone AC/DC Adapter for DollyPLUS and DollyPLUS PRO ED-82006 Dollies 39
    edelkrone AC/DC Adapter for DollyPLUS and DollyPLUS PRO
  2. Virtual reality adjustable dolly MDOLLYVR Dollies 340.200000
    Virtual reality adjustable dolly
    Special Price $340.20 Regular Price $378.00
  3. edelkrone DollyPLUS ED-82672 Dollies 2615
    edelkrone DollyPLUS
  4. edelkrone DollyPLUS PRO ED-82740 Dollies 4365
    edelkrone DollyPLUS PRO
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Camera Dollies for Smooth Video


Making a great video is a fulfilling process. High-quality footage is a result of suitable equipment, but that does not mean you have to spend a fortune on it either.

Georges offers you the best equipment and camera accessories at great deals. Stability is a significant factor in creating an excellent video, so gear up with dollies from our range of products. These ensure great footage, whether you're buying them as a kit, or setting up a dolly system of your own.


The Best Video Dollies at Amazing Prices


Georges has a wide range of dollies for you to choose from, based on your needs and budget. Dollies are nothing but wheeled devices that aid in smoother transitions and movements for your camera. They provide a flat surface on which a camera can be mounted, and are very versatile. 

You can choose between dollies that have handles and grip assistants to push and pull, or that feature hydraulics for smooth vertical movements. Pair it up with a dolly track for professional videos with minimal shaking and bumps. Use these with our range of tripods, and you are bound to make magic in your videos.

These come equipped with cable and brake guards for better control. They are foldable and can fit into your bag while travelling. Dollies are not just for high-end films. You can use them to shoot your short film, or traditional videography as well. These are a smart choice that will boost your video quality, and allow you to pursue your creative ideas without any limitations. Whether you are looking for a simple setup, or want a sophisticated system for yourself, Georges can offer you the best equipment.


Tripod Accessories To Improve Your Video Production

In addition to dollies, Georges offers you gimbals, monopods and video tripod kits that can complete your setup. You no longer have to worry about blurry videos or shaky shots. So, get your equipment and start creating the best videos!