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Gimbals, Tripods and Rigs to Record with Ease


The right gear is essential when it comes to videography. Georges understands your needs and brings you the best gimbals, tripods and rigs. Enhancing your videography experience need not be an expensive process. All you need is the proper set of equipment. 

Georges offers great quality rigs, gimbals and sliders, along with tripods for steady videography that can cover all angles. These affordable pieces of equipment will ensure that your videos are of excellent quality. No matter whether you are a professional looking for an upgrade in gear, or a beginner trying to figure out the most useful tools, we offer you only the best!


Stabilisation at Great Prices


Find the best gimbals, tripods and rigs for your videography with Georges. We offer high-quality products, built to suit your needs. Do you want to amp up your setup and make great videos? You'll find gimbals for phones, cameras and even accessories among our range of products. 

Motorised gimbals are an absolute must-have to give your videos a professional touch. These will allow you to move around freely, without unnecessary movement reflected in your videos. A stable video is, after all, the first step to professional content.

If you are looking for tripods and monopods to complete your setup, you will be thrilled to find our range of products. These include video tripod kits, monopods, video heads, adjustable tripod legs and plates. Now set your camera up in the perfect angle and capture your view flawlessly. 

For additional support and stability, get yourself one of our premium dollies with pneumatic wheels. These are universal and compatible with a range of devices, giving you a reliable and robust accessory to use. For a bird's eye-view, find the perfect jib arm. These give you endless opportunities to shoot, be it a top view of your desk, a cooking video or even aerial shots. 

Another excellent way to upgrade your setup is by using sliders and rigs. We have those available for you at attractive prices!


Find the Best Accessories at Unbeatable Prices


Georges is your one-stop destination for all video equipment. Find the best tripod kits, accessories at great prices. You can complement them with the gimbals, tripods and rigs, making it a complete setup!