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  1. Blackmagic Design Set of 2 Mini XLR to XLR Audio Cables for Video Assist 4K (19.5
    Blackmagic Design Set of 2 Mini XLR to XLR Audio Cables for Video Assist 4K (19.5")
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XLR Cables: Shop The Best Accessory For Audio Technicians


XLR Cables are professional audio cables designed to reduce interferences while recording sound. These cords offer a connection between a microphone and other sound equipment like recorders, mixers and more. As the distance between the microphone and audio equipment is usually long, these cable ensures a noise-free experience. 


Mechanism of XLR Cables


XLR microphone cables are generally constructed with three-pin connectors at both ends and come with two wires for transmitting signals. Plus, they have a separate ground wire that avoids any signal interference, thus producing a flawless recording session. These cables consist of one male and one female connection in the opposite ends. 


XLR cables consist of both the positive as well as the negative conductor. Both of these conductors allow signals to flow from one device to another. This transfer of signals is prone to develop electrical interferences and noise. XLR cords help to curb these disturbances to a large extent. 


The interference reduces by inverting the signals passing from one of the conductors. Additionally, the ground wire is fixed to the cable, further reducing the noise. 


Shop From Our Extensive Collection Of XLR Cables


These cables are a safe and reliable form of connection between two well-balanced devices. XLR cables pair with microphones, but also with other audio equipment as well. They transmit sound signals from a microphone to the input of the mixer. The cables also conduct signals from the mains, out of a mixer to speakers and amplifiers. Plus, the XLR adapters ease the joining of male and female connectors. 


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