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Purchase Compatible And Safe Shock Mounts From Georges 


Shock Mounts isolate mechanical noise from a microphone. Mechanical noise disturbances occur through handling noise or vibrations on the floor or desk. A shock mount minimises the vibrations transferred from different sources.


Advantages Of Using Shock Mounts


Also known as elastic suspensions, shock mounts offer a basic level of protection to microphones. These products act as a layer of security against the direct transmission of signals into the mic, resulting in loud and distracting sound output.


A mount also enables you to adjust the angle of the microphone with a screw to tighten the setup. A pop filter reduces wind noise, dust, and moisture from entering the microphone. Shock mounts are an ideal accessory for voice-over, dubbing, recording in a sound studio, radio broadcasting, and podcasting. 


In a studio set up, it is necessary to employ shock mounts due to the quality of audio input required. You take this step as the microphones installed in a studio are more susceptible to low frequencies. The elastic suspensions are necessary to minimise the rumbling noises from bass outputs. 


Improve Your Sound Quality With Our Selection Of Shock Mounts.


All microphone brands have developed separate shock mounts as additional accessories to their mics. However, some third-party manufacturers also produce elastic suspensions. The compatibility of the shock mounts is an imperative factor in enhancing its performance. 


Before you invest in accessories, especially when a third party producer is involved, it is always wise to ensure quality and compatibility. At Georges, we offer reputed brands that not only enhance your audio but also keep your equipment protected.