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Datacolor SpyderCube

Datacolor SpyderCube

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Datacolor SpyderCUBE™ Protective pouch Quick Start Guide (availabe in 10 languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese) 2-Year hardware warranty Free Online Support
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Control color by balancing light… Shooting in RAW mode gives you creative freedom but processing a RAW file is often a long, trial-and-error operation. SpyderCUBE™ accelerates RAW processing in providing references to set the white balance, exposure, black level and brightness right from the start. Simply take one reference shot with SpyderCUBE™ under the same light condition, adjust, save as preset and apply to the entire series. SpyderCUBE™ is made of ABS Cycoloy, a hybrid resin that is fade proof, extremely durable and shock resistant. In addition, colors are through-pigmented for durability, and are scientifically formulated to provide optimal color values, including an 18% grey, which defines a new standard for spectral neutrality to provide accurate color balance under any light source Designed for: Anyone who shoots with a Digital SLR or in RAW mode from amateurs to professionals Features Reference tool to achieve accurate colors without trial-and-error operations in RAW processing. SpyderCUBE™ provides all relevant light information for the RAW adjustments: Chrome Ball to measure catchlight to analyse overexposed areas. White Faces to define highlights in relation to catchlight. Spectrally neutral 18% Grey Faces to measure color temperature and midtones in all lighting conditions. Black Trap to define absolute black. Black Face to define shadows in relation to black trap. Easy to use and compatible with all RAW converter software. Essential for RAW processing but can also be used when processing images in a JPG workflow. Small and handy, it fits in any photo bag Ideal for location shooting (outdoor or indoor) and studios Requirements Capture accurate color without a lot of trial and error manipulation Spectrally Neutral, so that Cube responds accurately to all lighting conditions Provides reference values to check and adjust RAW control settings Includes Black Trap for shadow detail control Allows users to instantly correct color images by setting color temperature value Allows users to accurately adjust shadows and highlight detail in any RAW image Ideal for location shooting (outdoor or indoor) and studios Essential for RAW conversion, and can also be used when correcting images in a JPG workflow
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