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  1. Cinematic Widescreen With The Sirui 75mm Anamorphic

    Cinematic Widescreen With The Sirui 75mm Anamorphic

    Sirui has done it again with the release of the all new Sirui 75mm f/1.8 1.33x Anamorphic Lens. The folks at Sirui have a solid reputation for developing and manufacturing high precision photography and videography kits. Sirui is well known for their pro-grade tripods, ball and video heads, as well as a handful of drying cabinets. However, did you know that Sirui also makes a bespoke range of anamorphic lenses for cinematic applications?

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  2. Real Estate Videography Essentials

    Real Estate Videography Essentials

    Selling real estate is all about the visual presentation of the property. Regardless of selling a property face-to-face or via an online platform, showcasing it in several ways is essential. We have created the ultimate real estate videography guide to get you started.

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  3. Best Sony Lenses For Your Australian Road Trip

    Best Sony Lenses For Your Australian Road Trip

    We heard you've planned an Australian road trip? Cheers to that! We love road trips just as much you do because they are so much fun! Also, road trips are a once in a lifetime experience – a journey where we end up making the best memories of our life. And let's face it, after 2020 we all need a holiday. And what are memories if we don't capture them? That is indeed why you need to take along the right photography equipment on your Australian road trip. Hence why we have the best Sony lenses for your Australian road trip.

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  4. Sony A7 IV: What We Expect To See!

    Sony A7 IV: What We Expect To See!

    If the Sony A7 III floored you with its impressive specifications and marvellous features, here's some good news for you! Sony has an exciting line-up of potential product releases this year, and one of the products we are most excited for is the Sony A7 IV! Its predecessor managed to become an instant hit among photographers across the world. Now, the entire photography community is waiting with bated breath for the release of the all-new Sony A7 IV!

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  5. Best Sony GM Lenses For Your Australian Road Trip

    Best Sony GM Lenses For Your Australian Road Trip

    If you are heading out on a great Aussie adventure, then you’ll need to read our guide to the best Sony GM lenses. We know how you feel! It feels like we have waited long enough to hit the great open road in our glorious country. If you’ve decided that it’s time for an Australian Road Trip, then you need quality Sony glass. You already have an amazing Sony Full-Frame for APSC mirrorless camera ready to go. But you realise that you could do with a couple of suitable lenses fit for an Aussie adventure on the road.

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  6. Astro and Seascape Photography with NiSi X Ben Maze

    Astro and Seascape Photography with NiSi X Ben Maze

    We are joined by seascape and astrophotographer Ben Maze to discuss the practical application of NiSi filters. All types of outdoor photography – be it landscape, seascape or astrophotography – are unique and mesmerising. There's no element of nature that does not capture the eye of an outdoor photographer. But the question is – with just a camera and lenses, would you be able to do justice to the beauty of the natural elements?

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  7. Best Street Travel Bags For 2021

    Best Street Travel Bags For 2021

    As a photographer, you need the very best street travel bags for your 2021 adventures. Nothing beats the excitement and energy of an outdoor shoot, especially when travelling. You get an opportunity to travel to a new place and capture splendid photos. However, we cannot deny that photography on the move has its own set of challenges – after all, lugging around heavy photography gear is no easy task! Irrespective of how massive your travel bags may get, you still don't have the heart to leave behind your favourite camera, best lenses and reliable tripod.


    It is why you need to invest in a high-quality street travel bag – one that comfortably accommodates all

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  8. Sony’s Impossible FE 50mm F1.2 GM

    Sony’s Impossible FE 50mm F1.2 GM

    There’s no denying that the Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM Prime Lens is going to be this year’s hot lens release. Sony GM glass has a reputation for being at the peak of the high-quality lens game. Fortunately, the FE 50mm F1.2 GM prime lens is no exception to this, as it delivers so much in such a compact body. Plus, with an f/1.2 aperture, fans of gorgeous bokeh have much to celebrate. 

    不可否认,索尼FE 50mm F1.2 GM Prime镜头将成为今年的热⻔镜头。 索尼GM玻璃以其 在高品质镜头竞赛中处于顶峰而闻名。 幸运的是,FE 50mm F1.2 GM定焦镜头也不例外, 因为它在如此紧凑的机身中提供了很多东⻄。 此外,光圈为f / 1.2时,散景效果出色的粉丝 有很多值得庆祝的地方。

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  9. Nikon Z9: Nikon’s Ultimate Mirrorless Flagship

    Nikon Z9: Nikon’s Ultimate Mirrorless Flagship

    While not quite a launch announcement, Nikon has announced that the Nikon Z9 is in development. The all-new Nikon Z mount flagship digital mirrorless camera is set for a 2021 launch. What's more, it represents a giant leap forward in full-frame mirrorless technology. Those who have stuck with the Nikon brand over the decades and those who have embraced Nikon's move to mirrorless - the wait is finally over. The Nikon Z9 delivers the last tech while holding to its heritage.

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  10. NiSi Cinema Filters - Clear Videography Winners

    NiSi Cinema Filters - Clear Videography Winners

    In this day and age, videography’s popularity has further surged. It is courtesy of the advent of social media and online streaming services. With the increasing popularity of videography, it has become essential for videographers to step up their game. They must also take their work a notch higher. NiSi Cinema Filters are the ideal fit for any serious videographers kit.

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