When the Profoto B1 we collectively lose our bananas because of its innovation. It was a 500 W/S second monolight that was battery powered, so you could bring it anywhere and utilise Profotos full range of light shapers. Any location photographers dream in one package. In 2018 Profoto have stepped it up a notch and decided to make a compact battery powered light that is easily our favourite flash unit right now.

Physical Specs:

  • 250Ws, 10-Stop Power Range
  • Full TTL Auto Exposure Control Plus HSS
  • 0.05-2.2 Second Recycling
  • Duration t0.5 Freeze Mode: 1/50,000 Sec.
  • Li-Ion Battery: 400 Full-Power Flashes
  • 3000-6500 LED Modeling Lamp, CRI 90-96
  • 300' Wireless Triggering with Air TTL
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Profoto App (Currently only available on iOS)


Aesthetic and Construction

The Profoto B10 is damn tiny and is no bigger than a 600ml water bottle in length. For any on location shooters the Profoto B10 is tiny enough to fit into your camera backpack. It comes with an umbrella adapter which screws into the 1/4 inch thread on the Profoto B10. The adapters wheel is a bit weird though, we wish it had a bit more grip on it. We love the 1.4 implementation on the Profoto B10 though because this opens up a large variety of ways for you to be able to mount the Profoto B10. For example being able to mount it on a Gorillapod and wrapping it around trees/rails.


The construction like any other Profoto light is premium. Unlike the B2, the Profoto B10s design allows it to utilise the zooming function on softboxes/reflectors. In addition at the back of the Profoto B10 it has a non reflective matte screen which is brilliant for outdoor usage. The menu system is definitely the easiest one on a Profoto light by far (as if they weren't easy enough) with no more than 3 menus to navigate the whole light. For people who have an iPhone there is a Profoto app which you can control the continuous video light temperature/brightness and the power output for a single unit/group.



The Profoto B10 has phenomenal performance boasting 250W/S which is the equivalent of about 5 speedlights. Get a pair of these and you'll be ready to fight against the sun. We tested the Profoto B10s recycling time and ability to keep up with a 6fps burst. It recycled ridiculously quick as Profoto claim it can do as fast as 0.05 seconds, and it did not struggle at all with the burst. We tested the High Speed Sync functionality and it works like any other Profoto light.

B10-YOUTUBE-5-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-6-of-8-800x1200

We used the continuous video light too which although it is not the brightest, the flexibility of temperature and its ability to use with light shapers is amazing. We shot our review using a Profoto B10 combined with a key light and it did fantastic. The smartphone app helped a lot to find the right balance too and it was nice not having to walk up to the light to adjust it.

Image Quality

We've found the actual light spread in the Profoto B10 is a lot better than other Profoto lights making the hotspot effect minimal. Nothing to complain about image quality here as the Profoto B10 pumps out some high quality light. We shot our samples with one single Profoto B10 combined with either a Translucent Medium Umbrella, 2x3 RFI Softbox or bare blub.

B10-YOUTUBE-8-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-7-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-4-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-3-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-2-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-2-of-2-800x533 B10-YOUTUBE-1-of-8-800x1200 B10-YOUTUBE-1-of-2-800x533

Final Thoughts

Profoto have done it, they've made something special. We absolutely love the performance, form factor and every single feature on the Profoto B10. We hope that they apply this same formula and beef it up with a 500W/S version.

Purchase the Profoto B10 today: https://bit.ly/2RlWOyL

Watch our review here: