Landscape photographers will rejoice at the news of a redesigned and upgraded NiSi V7 Filter Holder. The team at NiSi achieved perfection with the NiSi V6 Filter holder kit. Rather than stop there, they decided to take it a step further with the latest generation NiSi V7 Filter Holder. The hugely popular NiSi 100mm filter system provides photographers with the opportunity to achieve majestic and highly creative landscape shots in any lighting conditions. The NiSi V7 supports the same 100mm NiSi filter system while delivering advanced accessibility, adaptability and control. 


nisi v7 in the field


NiSi is a standout supporter of videographers and photographers by creating unparalleled products to suit their needs. The NiSi V7 Filter Holder Kit was born of the feedback provided by visual creatives just like you. The V7 Filter Holder supports up to three 100mm wide (2mm thick) NiSi filters such as the acclaimed NiSi ND64 Nano IR 6 Stop and NiSi ND8 Nano IR 3 Stop Grad Filters. What's more, the V7 Kit includes NiSi's brand new NiSi True Colour Circular Polarizer Filter, adapter rings and a handy pouch for your 100mm filters. 


NiSi v7 filter holder


NiSi V7 Filter Holder


If you ask any landscape photographer who is the best brand for pro-grade filters, the resounding answer will be NiSi. NiSi explores, designs, and develops precision-engineered optics and support systems to suit photographers and videographers' wide-ranging needs. No one understands the photographer's pursuit of perfect light quite like NiSi. The NiSi V6 Filter Holder was a highly praised product that met and exceeded the expectations of photographers all over the world. The NiSi V7 100mm Filter Holder Kit with True Color NC CPL and Lens Cap goes above and beyond. 


NiSi v7 filter kit


It would be easy for the untrained eye to see the V7 as a simple filter holder. However, the NiSi V7 Filter Holder is far more advanced thanks to NiSi's uncompromising engineering, design standards and unique feathers to optimise the experience. The V7 features a unique clip system that makes NiSi's 100mm filters easy to insert while avoiding a sure grip to prevent slipping. The Filter Holder mounts seamlessly to your camera lens via the main 82mm adapter ring or the included adapters. 


NiSi v7 filter holder cpl clamp


Further to this, the clip system grips the very edge of the filter without flexing the glass or touching the filter surface. Gilde up to three 2mm thick NiSi glass filters in and out of the V7 to achieve finely tuned exposures and outcomes no matter the lighting conditions. Even with the included True Colour CPL, a full-frame 16mm wide-angle lens gains no vignetting. 


True Colour NC Polarizing (CPL)


An essential element of the NiSi V7 100mm Filter Holder Kit is the inclusion of the True Colour NC Polarizing (CPL) filter. The brand new True Colour CPL prevents the typical yellow cast created by most CPL options - regardless of the number of 100mm filters applied. NiSi Pro Nano Coating reduces unwanted reflections and ensures a waterproof and oil-resistant layer for easy cleaning to remove fingerprints, dust, and water stains.


NiSi v7 CPL


The CPL mounts securely and easily into the standard 82mm adapter ring thanks to the Point to Point CPL Design. The system uses white markers to align and guide the positioning of the CPL. Plus, the V7 holder allows for smooth 360-degree rotation, or it can be locked via the locking screw. Add and remove the new True Colour CPL confidently every single time.


nisi v7 cpl


Cap, Pouch and Adapter Rings


The NiSi V7 100mm Filter Holder Kit would be limiting if it was only suitable for 82mm lens thread. The good news is that the Kit also includes 77mm, 72mm, and 67mm Adapters in the box. And while this covers most typical filter threads, NiSi also supplies a further eight adapter rings to suit every possible lens. While out on the field, you can confidently move your NiSi V7 Filter holder between your favourite lens collection. 


NiSi v7 filter holder kit cap


While the NiSi V7 doesn't include a bespoke range of NiSi 100mm filters, it does include a stylish and versatile protective padded holder pouch for safe storage and transport. The soft pouch securely holds the V7 holder, adapter rings and the CPL. Plus, it can be mounted on a tripod leg or belt for easy access. The final piece of the Kit is the NiSi V7 Protective Lens Cap that covers the True Colour NC Polarizing (CPL) filter when not in use.  


NiSi v7 filter holder kit pouch


NiSi's 100mm Filter System


No matter the genre, photographers and videographers are spoiled for choosing the best NiSi filters from the 100mm Filter System. 100x100mm and 100x150mm filters adapt seamlessly and securely to the NiSi V7 Filter Holder kit. Landscape photographers and those seeking greater exposure control will find a range of ND, ND Grad, XXXX filters. Photographers can stack filters to suit their needs thanks to the NiSi V7 Filter Holder supporting up to three 100mm filters. 


NiSi ND64 Nano IR 6 Stop Filter 100x100


One of the most popular filter choices to pair with the NiSi V7 is the NiSi ND64 Nano IR 6 Stop Filter 100x100. The 100mm square Neutral Density filter is constructed of hardened glass that's less prone to damage. It delivers high definition, true to life colour that's void of vignetting and provides a 6-stop light reduction on its own. The ND64 features a highly durable Nano Coating on both sides to repel water, grime and oil from fingers. 


nisi n64


NiSi GND8 Nano IR 3 Stop Grad Filter 100x150


For a medium graduated ND filter, it's hard to go past the NiSi GND8 Nao IR 3 Stop Grad Filter 100x150. The ND8 is the perfect choice to achieve exposure balance between landscape elements and an overexposed sky. It features the same high-quality glass build and Nano Coating as the ND64. It, too, delivers true to life colour rendering with no colour cast or vignetting. The GND8 is 150mm long, allowing you to slide the filter within the NiSi V7 Filter Holder to fine-tune the graduated effect. 


nisi gnd8


NiSi 100mm Advanced Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL


While we wait for news of a NiSi V7 Landscape Filter Kit, it's worth considering the benefits of the NiSi 100mm Advanced Kit Third Generation III with V6 and Landscape CPL. As the name suggests, this is the previous generation of NiSi V filter holder with the hugely popular V6, including adapter rings and a landscape CPL filter. In addition, the V6 Kit features an additional six filters, including 3 Stop ND, 6 Stop ND, 10 Stop ND, Medium GND8, Reverse GND8 and Natural Night filters. Landscape photographers shooting with ultra-wide lenses will love the convenience of the V6 Landscape Kit thanks to its adaptability, flexibility and all-in-one filter solution. 


Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod with K-20II


Any landscape photographer in the know will clarify that shooting landscape without a tripod is pointless, especially when using a pro-grade filter solution such as the NiSi V7. The Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod with K-20II is a lightweight, compact and highly versatile tripod and head kit ideal for landscape work in any conditions. The carbon fibre tripod system features 4-section reverse folding legs and waterproof twisting leg locks. Weighing just 430g, the Sirui W-2204 supports up to 25kg, at a maximum 180cm height and collapses to a tiny 52cm length. Georges Cameras is proud to announce that we've developed a NiSi V7 Explorer Kit to include the NiSi V7, Sirui W-2204 tripod, ND64 and GND8.


NiSi V7 Final Thoughts


The NiSi V7 100mm Filter Holder Kit with True Color NC CPL and Lens Cap will prove to be this year's hottest item amongst Landscape photographers. It took everything that we loved about past generations of NiSi filter holders and stepped it up a notch. Take your landscape photography to amazing places with the NiSi V7 Filter Holder Kit, NiSi V7 Explorer Kit, filters and essential landscape photography gear at Georges Cameras. Head in-store or online now to order yours today.  


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