Breaking News: Profoto has launched the B10X and the B10X Plus! In the world of professional photography and videography, controlling light for optimal exposures is the key to success. That's why the team at Profoto have long developed pro-grade lighting solutions fit for any studio or on-location shoot. Thanks to its peak performance and feature set, the original Profoto B10 Air TTL Off-Camera Flash proved incredibly popular. The lightweight and portable B10 delivered flash power equivalent to five speedlights while pairing seamlessly with Profoto AirTTL Remotes and the Profoto app. What's more, it was compatible with over 120 Profoto light shaping tools for creative applications. Both of the new B10X models boast increased maximum continuous light output 30% higher than the originals. 

Profoto has taken everything great about the originals and created the exciting new Profoto B10X and B10X Plus. Unlike traditional strobes or speedlights, the B10X and B10X Plus serve dual masters. Videographers and vloggers will love the capacity to deliver consistent LED performance with variable colour temperature and 10-100% dimmable output. Photographers taking advantage of the powerful flash output will appreciate the simple connectivity with Profoto AirTTL remotes. What's more, both B10X models are TTL and HSS compatible with recycling times as fast as 0.02s. 


profoto b10x b10x plus


Both Profoto B10X models feature plug-n-play usability allowing set up and sync within seconds of unpacking them. Aside from connectivity with Profoto AirTTL triggers, these also feature Profoto's Bluetooth AirX technology to optimise smartphone and tablet photography and videography applications. And, just like the original B10 light, the X models are compact, lightweight and ready to use with any of the Profoto OCF range of modifiers and light shaping tools. 


Infinite Light - Profoto B10X


Rather than launch a single generational leap from the original B10, Profoto has launched a pair of next-gen lights. The Profoto B10X is a compact and lightweight, high-powered flash and continuous light fit for any project. The B10X has a barrel design around the same size and shape as a typical camera lens. It weighs 1.5kg and measures a handy 11 x 15.5 x 10cm making it small enough to pack into a standard camera bag. As a result, it's ideal for safe storage and travel to and from a location. To optimise your photography or videography assignment, the B10X includes a gooseneck mount to fit the light to a tripod or light stand. From there, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to Profoto light shaping tools and OCF kit options. 


profoto b10x


Profoto B10X Specifications


  • Max Energy 250Ws
  • Energy Range 10 f-stops
  • Recycling Time 0.05-1.3s
  • Energy Stability 0.2 f-stop
  • TTL and HSS Compatibility
  • Max Output(Lumens) 3250
  • Max light output at 1m(LUX) 10,000 with OCF Magnum Reflector, 1100 without.
  • Dimming Range 10-100%
  • Adjustable Colour Temperature 3000-6500 K (+-500K)
  • Colour Rendering (CRI) 90-96
  • Up to 400 full-power flashes
  • Up to 65 min full continuous light
  • Battery charges in less than 90 minutes
  • Dimension 11 x 17.5 x 10cm
  • Weight 1.5kg



In terms of performance, the numbers speak for the performance and usability of the B10X. A maximum energy output of 250Ws delivers a 10-stop energy range with a 0.05 to 1.3 second recycle time for flash. The LED punches out a maximum blinding LUX of 10,000 with the OCF Magnum Reflector and 1100 LUX without. That equates to a maximum output of 3250 Lumens at 3m. The Profoto B10X features a 10-100% dimmable and adjustable colour temperature range of 3000 to 6500K. That kind of power is driven by the rechargeable battery cranking out up to 400 full power shots or 65 minutes of continuous light without breaking a sweat. 


Best Accessories For The Profoto B10X 


Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector 


To make the most of the all-new Profoto B10X and B10X Plus, it's always recommended to acquire only the best light modification tools from Profoto. The top of your shopping list should always be the Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector. On its own, the Profoto B10X cranks out a stunning 1100 LUX of illumination. However, attach the Profoto OCF Magnum Reflector and expect up to 10,000 LUX of brightness with a blinding 3250 Lumens output at 3m. The Magnum Reflector features an adjustable 40 to 80-degree beam angle and is the ideal light shaping tool for long-throw use. 


profoto magnum reflector


Profoto RFi 3' Softbox Octa (90cm)


The folks at Profoto have photographers and videographers spoiled for choice - especially when it comes to light modifiers. The Profoto RFi 3' Softbox is a compact octagonal softbox with a 90cm diameter. The wrap-around qualities of an octa softbox are best put to use in portrait, fashion and modelling work. Thanks to its compact size and collapsible profile, it's also an excellent asset for visual creatives working away from their studio. The Profoto RFi 3' Softbox features removable front and inner diffusers to control the Profoto B10X and B10X Plus light finely. 


profoto softbox octa


Fine Tune Your Profoto B10X Performance


It's also worth mentioning a couple of handy Profoto light modification options that take next to no room in your kit and elevate your lighting output. But first, you need a suitable and universal mourning system. Look no further than the Profoto OCF Grid & Gel Holder. The mount attaches to your Profoto B10X and B10X Plus to provide a base for the Profoto OCF Colour Correction Gel Pack and Profoto OCF II Snoot. The Gel Pack features 20 colour correction gels to balance colour temperature or achieve creative lighting effects. As for the Snoot, it's a compact, soft, and collapsible form that tunnels light into a tight circle while preventing light spill.  


Manfrotto Compact Lighting Stand


Any photographer or videography lighting kit is useless without a high-quality light stand to support lights and light modifiers. The best light stand for the Profoto B10X is the Manfrotto Compact Lighting Stand. The stand is lightweight and compact yet supports up to 5kg of payload. It features a super wide footprint, industry standard spigot and thread, and a maximum height of 237cm. An alternative model is the Manfrotto Master Air-Cushioned Stackable Stand that supports up to 9kg and multiple stands can be stacked for storage and portability.


Powerful Illumination - Profoto B10X Plus


For photographers and videographers who demand greater power output from their lighting, Profoto has also revealed the B10X Plus. It has a lens-shaped barrel design that is slightly longer than the standard B10X at 11 x 23.5 x 10cm. It's also a little heavier at 1.9kg, including the battery and mount. Speaking of which, the mount included with both models is durable, robust and features a locking good-neck that mounts to any tripod and light stand. Another standout feature of the Profoto B10X and B10X Plus is the hooded display screen on the rear of the lights. It provides a clear view of core settings as dialled in by the control dials also mounted to the back. 


profoto b10x plus


Profoto B10X Plus Specifications


  • Max Energy 500Ws
  • Energy Range 10 f-stops
  • Recycling Time 0.05-2.2s
  • Energy Stability 0.2 f-stop
  • TTL and HSS Compatibility
  • Max Output(Lumens) 3250
  • Max light output at 1m(LUX) 10,000 with OCF Magnum Reflector, 1100 without.
  • Dimming Range 10-100%
  • Adjustable Colour Temperature 3000-6500 K (+-500K)
  • Colour Rendering (CRI) 90-96
  • Up to 200 full-power flashes
  • Up to 65 min full continuous light
  • Battery charges in less than 90 minutes
  • Dimension 11 x 23.5 x 10cm
  • Weight 1.9kg

b10x plus


If you thought the new B10X was a powerhouse, the B10X Plus smashes it out of the park with double the maximum energy rate of 500Ws. That's equivalent to no less than ten speedlights - all from a single light that features TTL and HSS compatibility. Like the B10X, the Plus model has a maximum light output of 10,000 LUX with the OCF Magnum Reflector. Without the reflector, it still beams out 1100 LUX with a maximum Lumens of 3250. The B10X Plus has a 10-stop energy range for high-speed flash photography with a 0.05 to 2.2 second recycle time. As found with the Profoto B10, it is compatible with all Profoto OCF light modifiers and pairs effortlessly with Profoto AirTTL triggers.


For the ultimate videography lighting solution, it's hard to go past all that the B10X Plus has to offer. Aside from the insane 500Ws energy output and LUX, it features a 10-100% dimmable colour temperature range between 3000 and 65000K. Nail the mood with ultra-cool or super warm bi-colour lighting in any condition. In comparison, it's a bigger and more powerful beast than the B10X, the Plus' rechargeable battery caps at 200 full-power flashes. However, for continuous video lighting, the LED beams for up to 65 minutes. It's also important to note that a full recharge is possible in as little as 90 minutes. 


profoto b10x back


Best Accessories For The Profoto B10X Plus


Profoto RFi 1x4' Softbox (30x120cm)


A softbox is one of the essential pieces of kit every photographer and videographer needs for their lighting set up. The Profoto B10X and B10X Plus pair perfectly with a wide range of Profoto light modifiers. One of the best is the Profoto RFi 1x4' Softbox - it's 30cm wide and 120cm long, making it perfect for full-body portraits or casting light on a larger area. The RFi Softbox features internal and external diffusers, and the whole unit is made from high-quality fabric with reinforced seams and colour-coded rods. It's lightweight and highly portable, thanks to the included carry bag. Even with a single Profoto B10X or B10X Plus and this softbox, you'll make magic happen.


profoto 1x4 softobx


Profoto Strip Mask for RFi 1x4' (7cm) Softbox


With the Profoto B10X or B10X Plus delivering soft and evenly distributed light through the Profoto RFi 1x4' Softox, it's time to take it up a notch. The best way to fine-tune and modify light is with the exciting range of Profoto strip masks and soft grids. The Profoto Strip Mask for RFi 1x4' Softbox is a great way to achieve striking lighting effects in your fashion or portrait work. The Strip Mask features a narrow 7cm gap to deliver a thin and tight band of light for creative subject illumination. 


Profoto 50⁰ Softgrid for RFi 1x4' Softbox


Another popular light modification tool to accompany the Profoto RFi Softbox is the Profoto 50⁰ Softgrid. It's a fabric grid attaches to the RFi 1x4' Softbox with velcro edging and collapses down for storage and transport. With the Profoto 50⁰ Softgrid, you'll gain a 50-degree beam angle delivered with the powerful Profoto B10X Plus. The Softgrid not only refines the beam, but it also controls light spill to provide precise and stunning lighting effects every time. 


Avenger A2033LKIT 10.75' C-Stand Grip Arm Kit 


If you’re running a Profoto B10X Plus with a larger Profoto RFi 1x4' Softbox, you’re going to need a sturdy and reliable stand to support it. The Avenger A2033LKIT 10.75' C-Stand Grip Arm Kit is the most popular choice for professional studio set ups. The chrome plated steel stand features a 101.6cm main riser and two additional locking sections for a total 305cm height. For additional support, one of the legs slides out to counteract the overbalance caused by bigger softboxes. The kit also features the Avenger D520L 40" Extension Arm and D200 2.5" Grip Head.


Final Thought On The Profoto B10X and B10X Plus


Where professional-quality lighting was once a luxury item or solely the property of big-budget photographers and cinematographers, Profoto has changed the game. The original Profoto B10 hybrid flash and LED light proved that a market for pro-grade lighting is in demand. For that matter, all of Profoto's lighting solutions, modifiers and accessories have been a hit in the visual creative space. The new Profoto B10X and B10X Plus have taken that winning formula and reached new heights of performance. 


profoto b10x in use


Videographers looking for a simple to use yet powerful continuous LED lighting solution should look no further than the B10X and B10X Plus. With stunning illumination, controllable colour temperature and output, make your video stand out from the crowd. As for photographers, the days of slow and weak speedlights are being replaced with high performance and insanely fast lights such as the B10X and B10X Plus. Capture subjects in stunning detail thanks to the TTL, HSS and Profoto AirTTL compatibility. Georges Cameras are long-time fans of Profoto, and we stock the full range of Profoto lighting kits, including the all-new Profoto B10X and B10X Plus. We’ve also got a Profoto B10X Duo Kit and a B10X Plus Duo kit to optimise your studio set up. Head in-store or online now to secure your ultimate photography and videography lighting set-up.