Canon has long held the respect of photographers thanks to almost 85 years of precision engineering, innovation and dedication to the advancement of camera technology. Today, the Canon EOS R3 is the ultimate culmination of that hard-earned status to deliver a true flagship camera body. As experienced with the monolithic Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, the EOS R3 is the best choice for sports, and photojournalism. It's built to deliver excellent resolution packed images for the end-users to enjoy in print and online publications. The EOS R3 has enough bells and whistles to play a fine tune to meet its intended use. 

At the same time, Canon has lifted the lid on a pair of new Canon RF lenses and four new accessories to pair with the EOS R3 via the Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount. What a day to be a Canon EOS R3 lover! Canon has announced the RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 IS USM ultra-telephoto zoom. A dream camera and lens combo for professional sports and wildlife photographers. Canon has also released the RF 16mm F/2.8 STM ultra-wide-angle lens at the other end of the spectrum. It's Canon's widest prime RF lens that comes in a compact and lightweight form. We reveal four new unique accessories that make the most of the EOS R3 Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount to round out the release. 


canon eos r3 camera


Canon EOS R3


The Canon EOS R3 is a phenomenal RF mount, full-frame, digital mirrorless powerhouse designed to suit the needs of photojournalists and professional sports photographers. Built from the ground up, it features the kind of responsiveness demanded by pros to capture fast-moving subjects in pure clarity for every single frame. It is sure to impress with a similar size and feel to the flagship Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and the punchy performance of the stellar EOS R5. The Canon EOS R3 packs a new 24.1MP back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor and Canon's powerful DIGIC X Processor. It boasts the best of both worlds with features found in the EOS-1D X III and R5. It then ramps up the power with a raft of new features exclusive to the new champion of Canon photography.


rear of eos r3


Canon EOS R3 Specifications


  • 24.1MP back-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC X Processor
  • Up to 30fps RAW burst
  • Eye Control AF Technology
  • Animal, bird, human, car and motorcycle AF tracking
  • 50-204800 ISO range
  • 5.76MP EVF with 0.76x magnification
  • 3.2" Vari-angle 4.15M dot LCD 
  • Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount
  • 150mm x 142.6mm x 87.2mm
  • 1015g


EOS R3 Focusing On The Future


The Canon EOS R3 blows the competition away with its autofocus technology and tracking capabilities straight out of the gate. The R3 features the same human, animal and bird AF tracking modes found in the Canon EOS R5. But it takes it a step further by introducing car and motorcycle tracking to capture the insane speeds of motorsports with ease. Furthermore, the EOS R3 features 100% vertical and horizontal AF area coverage and a staggering 1053 maximum focus zones. 


eos r3


The stand out feature we love most about the EOS R3 is the Eye Control AF Technology to naturally change focus points and track new subjects with your eye. Eye movement is monitored within the EVF, and focus points are naturally selected by where the photographer casts their gaze. It's an insanely brilliant concept ideal for sports, wildlife and action photographers where a dynamic scene demands responsive performance. It achieves this all while capturing RAW files at up to 30fps with full AF/AE tracking. 


r3 motorsports


For ultimate image sharpness, especially when mounting long RF ultra-telephotos lenses, is the built-in image stabilisation. It delivers an unparalleled 8-stops of anti-camera shake performance and pairs seamlessly with Canon RF lenses featuring IS. Combine that with the supernatural low light performance of the 50-204800 ISO range, and you'll see everything even on the darkest nights. The EOS R3 boasts ultra-realistic views with a staggering 5.76MP electronic viewfinder with fast refresh rates for free blackout burst shooting. Add to that 100% frame coverage and a 0.76x magnification, and nothing will escape your gaze. The rear 3.2" LCD is a vari-angle style with an impressive 4.15 million dots of image resolution. 


Canon's New Monolith


Much like the EOS-1D X Mark III, the Canon EOS R3 has monolithic proportions thanks to its magnesium alloy body that matches both the robustness and weather sealing of the acclaimed EOS- 1D X Mark III. The camera body's size and 1kg weight provides assurance and confidence when shooting with ultra-telephotos lenses on the fly. Much like that beast of a DSLR camera, the Canon EOS R3 features an integrated base grip for portrait orientation shooting. The second set of vertical controls allows natural grip and comfort for portrait shooting scenarios. The rear of the R3 has a few new tricks, including the Optical Smart Controller function that supports faster and more intuitive AF point selection. It also houses the Multi-Controller, or AF Joystick, enabling fast AF frame positioning and selection.


canon rf


Within that mighty grip, the EOS R3 feeds off the same LP-E19 as the 1D X Mark III, delivering 620 shots in power-saving mode when using the EVF and 860 with LCD shooting. The EOS R3 features dual memory card slots allowing fast and seamless recording directly to either CFexpress Type B or SD UHS-II cards. When it comes to video recording, the Canon EOS R3 does more than many specialty video cameras are capable of. For a sports and photojournalism camera, it's impressive to see that it records RAW 6K at 60p and 4K DCI/UHD at 60p. It also employs Canon's Movie Digital IS for steady recording plus a microphone and headphone jack to accessorise. 


EOS R3 Is The Pro Workhorse


The Canon EOS R3 is a dedicated workhorse fit for professional photographers demanding unmatched power and performance. What's more, photographers that capture the action on the field or the streets will love the ability to shoot at the speed of life. Sports and photojournalism shooters have a lot to love with new innovations such as the Eye Control AF Technology, advanced tracking modes, and Advanced Accessory Shot Mount. Add to that Canon's engineering and optical prowess to deliver a next-generation powerhouse to rival the competition. Sports, wildlife, action and reportage photographers, the wait is finally over! 


front of canon r3


Canon EOS R3 Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount


The Canon EOS R3 features a revolutionary Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount that delivers power and data transfer to several new Canon accessories. It will be interesting to see where Canon takes the concept of an Advanced Accessory Mount. 


shoe accessory mount


Multi-Function Shoe Adapter (AD-E1)


Canon's new Multi-Function Shoe Adapter (AD-E1) allows you to fit existing photography and videography accessories onto the Canon EOS R3, especially those with a conventional hot shoe connection. The compact yet highly functional AD-E1 features a dust and drip-proof design, meaning you can apply similarly sealed accessories without the fear of damage. It's convenient for photographers working at sporting fields or out in the bush capturing wildlife. The AD-E1 uses static pressure strength to support more extensive professional accessories such as the Canon EL-1 or the heavyweight 600EX II-RT speedlite. 

Digital Microphone (DM-E1D)


Imagine making the most of the stunning 4K video recording without worrying about microphone jacks and wires in the. Thanks to the Multi-Function Shoe Adapter, you can attach the all-new Cannon DM-E1D Digital Microphone without cables. The Digital Microphone provides direct wireless communication with the EOS R3 and receives its power from the camera battery. The DM-E1D features three forms of directionality with Shotgun, 90-degree and 120-degree. Fine-tune audio capture to suit your environment and videography style. The compact microphone weighs just 136g and delivers 16-bit audio output.


Speedlite Transmitter (ST-E10)


The days of big, bulky, third-party wireless transmitters are over thanks to the Canon ST-E10 Speedlite Transmitter. Built specifically for the Canon EOS R3, the Speedlite Transmitter features a new 21-pin multi-accessory shoe connection. The magic in its tiny 45.5 x 37.8 x 53.6mm size is that it features no LCD or buttons. All speedlite functions are directly controlled via the EOS R3. The Transmitter utilises radio frequency with a range of up to 30m. It provides firing group control to five groups and a total of 15 units. The dust and drip-resistant Transmitter requires no additional batteries as it pulls its power from the camera. 


canon r3 transmitter


Smartphone Link Adapter (AD-P1)


The final Canon EOS R3 accessory is the all-new AD-P1 Smartphone Link Adapter. While little is known about the adapter at this stage, it allows a current generation smartphone to fit a mounting frame. The mounting frame has a direct link cable that plugs into the phone. The assembled unit mounts to the Canon EOS R3 Advanced Accessory Shoe Mount and acts as an external monitor for video recording. Yet another example of the Canon EOS R3 breaking new ground and delivering a future-ready camera system.


Canon RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 IS USM


Sports and wildlife photographers wanting to make the most of the Canon EOS R3 tracking modes will ultimately need a high-performance telephoto lens. Lucky for you, Canon has also announced the Canon RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 IS USM. It's a compact and lightweight telephoto zoom lens compatible with the RF 1.4x and RF 2x extender. It also achieves a compressed 0.41x maximum magnification at the 400mm end. Imagine an optically sharp 800mm focal distance and what you can do with it! 


rf 100-400


Canon RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 IS USM Specifications


  • RF Mount
  • F/5.6-8 maximum aperture
  • Image Stabilisation
  • 0.41x magnification at 400mm
  • 88cm minimum focus distance at 200m
  • 67mm filter thread
  • 79.5mmx164.7mm
  • 635g


The new RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 features Image Stabilisation to deliver up to 5.5 stops of light while also using the EOS R3 and its in-body image stabilisation. The lens features fast, responsive and quiet focus performance thanks to the Nano USM. 


sample image rf 100-400


Canon RF 16mm F/2.8 STM


Alongside the new Canon EOS R3, the Japanese camera giant has also announced the Canon RF 16mm F/2.8 STM ultra-wide angle lens. It's Canon's first ultra-wide prime dedicated to the fantastic RF mount series. Regardless of capturing landscapes, vlogs or group shots, the RF 16mm F/2.8 delivers a wide 110-degree field of view to soak up all the glorious detail. 


sample image rf16mm


Canon RF 16mm F/2.8 STM Specifications


  • RF Mount
  • F/2.8 maximum aperture
  • 0.26x magnification
  • 13cm minimum focus distance
  • 43mm filter thread
  • 69.2mm x 40.2mm 
  • 165g


The new RF 16mm is a tiny and lightweight prime full-frame lens weighing in at just 165g. Furthermore, thanks to its fast maximum aperture of f/2.8, it's the ideal lens for low light shooting or when a shallow depth of field is called for. On the inside, the new Canon RF 16mm F/2.8 features nine lens elements in seven groups to deliver exceptional image quality. The seven-bladed aperture provides stunning background effects and subject separation even while operating at the 13cm minimum focus distance. 


rf 16mm sample


Canon's Big Reveal 


Canon has pulled back the covers on the next generation of professional full-frame digital mirrorless cameras. The Canon EOS R3 represents the very best of Canon's ingenuity, ethos and commitment to developing pro-grade cameras for working professionals. The Canon EOS R3, RF 100-400mm F/5.6-8 IS USM, RF 16mm F/2.8 STM and R3 Accessories prove Canon's ability to meet the ever-expanding needs of photographers and videographers. The Canon EOS R3 and other products launched today are available now for pre-order at Georges Cameras. Head in-store or online now to reserve yours and prepare for the future of camera performance.  


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