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  1. Most Underrated Products That You Need as a Photographer

    Most Underrated Products That You Need as a Photographer

    In this article, we are going to take a look at the underrated products professional photographers recommend everyone should have in their kit. Photographers often have to think outside the box to create the best gear kit for them. Depending on the genre of photography that they shoot, there is a list of standard and essential items. These are from your typical photography gear shopping list available at a well-stocked camera store like Georges Cameras. But often, the photography gear shopping list goes well beyond the standard camera, lenses and batteries. You need to look at your workflow and identify the gaps that hold you back. The next step is to build out your accessories kit to optimise your processes, efficiencies and outcomes.

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  2. Best Video Tripods of 2021

    Best Video Tripods of 2021

    A video with crystal-clear quality is what you deserve after all the effort you put into shooting a film. For a video without any appearance of camera shake, you cannot rely merely on the image stabilisation your camera offers. For additional stability, you need to consider investing in quality video tripods.

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  3. All Things Storage – How to Store From Shooting to Saving

    All Things Storage – How to Store From Shooting to Saving

    Apart from top-notch cameras and lenses, if there’s an unmissably essential factor that you need to consider, it’s storage. And we’re sure, both budding and seasoned photographers would unanimously agree upon this fact. Right from capturing photographs to ultimately editing and saving them, you need only one thing to work without hindrances – a proper storage system. Your top-notch camera is of no use if it doesn’t have enough in-built or additional storage mechanism to support it, especially through long shooting hours.

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  4. Essential Tools to Take Your Landscape Photography To The Next Level

    Essential Tools to Take Your Landscape Photography To The Next Level

    Landscape photography aims to capture the essence of the great outdoors. It is quite challenging to narrow something so vast and limitless within the boundaries of a camera frame. Your scene might involve the sky, mountains, oceans, forests or anything large and majestic. On the other hand, you will also be shooting small natural and human-made structures which include people or wildlife for perspective.

    landscape photography

    If you are already into landscape photography or just getting into it, you must have realised that a lot goes into planning and preparing for your landscape shots. You need to do a lot of scoping and surveying to find the best position

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  5. Why You Need a Sony ZV-1 in Lockdown

    Why You Need a Sony ZV-1 in Lockdown

    In this era of social media platforms and technological advancements, people are developing a different lifestyle altogether - especially those in lockdown. While webcams are helping connect family and friends, it is during this time that the Sony ZV-1 is proving to be a growing success for people at home. This is all thanks to the superior image quality and ability to live stream in combination with a microphone, lighting and a tripod.

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  6. The Best Canon Cameras for Live Streaming

    The Best Canon Cameras for Live Streaming

    From tidbits on TikTok to Instagram stories, the internet fuels the world we live in today. Amidst this flooding online content, live streaming has become a pretty popular mode of communicating with the world at large. These live videos lend a sense of authenticity to your content, making them all the more desirable. So, let's take a look at how you can live stream with your Canon Camera.

    Canon live streaming

    Live Streaming Equipment Essentials

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  7. How to Capture EPIC Food Photography

    How to Capture EPIC Food Photography

    In this article, we are going to look at creating 3 EPIC food images with natural & artificial Light food photography with photographer @kerabeareats. Food photography is an art that captures the beauty and soul of food when done right. Now if you’re wondering about how to perfectly capture food, there are 3 distinct looks you can try, using both natural and artificial lighting. 

    Creating three distinct looks might sound almost too good to be true, but it is possible. You can always choose to take advantage of the existing lighting. But it’s important to create a good layout of the plate itself before you get your camera out and start clicking pictures. 

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  8. Creating Dynamic Portrait Images Using Natural Light

    Creating Dynamic Portrait Images Using Natural Light

    Natural light is a powerful element for any photographer to click portraits. Natural light can impact the tones, style, and the overall look and feel of the portrait you shoot.

    Shooting dynamic portraits with natural light can make a photograph look authentic. Harsh daylight can give you bright portraits, and soft daylight can give you eye-catchy photos. However, capturing in soft natural light is not easy. 

    Soft Light - Natural Light Portrait

    Sunrise and sunset is the perfect time to shoot if you want natural light to be the highlight of your shoot. This timing is known as the golden hour. However, if you find yourself

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  9. Live Stream with Panasonic

    Live Stream with Panasonic


    As we continue to stay home to keep everyone safe, content creators who both live stream and produce pre-recorded YouTube videos want to use the better image quality to keep the look and feel of their videos in a live stream setting. Panasonic offer a wide range of cameras and camcorders suitable for various situations.

    Cameras with Direct Streaming

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  10. Things to do whilst social distancing

    Things to do whilst social distancing


    With the implementations of new protocols around Sydney, NSW to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is crucial to continue to practice general hygiene more than ever and limiting your interactions with social distancing.
    While you may be in the comfort of your own home, let's be honest, it can get boring. Here are a few things you can do whilst social distancing to keep yourself entertained, engaged and active with photography and videography.



    • Create videos and share your passion or creation or share your daily vlogs
    • Start live streams or virtual meetups to stay connected
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