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  1. Community Spotlight | Nicole Smith

    Community Spotlight | Nicole Smith

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  2. Community Spotlight | Alex Nettleton

    Community Spotlight | Alex Nettleton


    About Alex

    Hi there, my name is Alex and I'm a Sydney based hobby photographer. I work in cybersecurity giving companies advice on how they can improve their cyber capabilities, and after that, I love to get out and wander around with my camera. I love the beach so now that we are moving into summer I will find myself snapping pics around any of the Sydney beaches when I can.


    What gear do you use?

    I use the Sony a7iii with a 16-35 gm and 85mm lens. I also love to shoot with my Nikon Fe film camera.

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  3. Community Spotlight | Benjamin Sow

    Community Spotlight | Benjamin Sow


    About you (i.e. occupation, hobbies, etc.)

    Hey there! I’m Ben, an energy efficiency engineer who is working to slash energy usage and emissions one client at a time! When I’m not behind the lens I’m either at the beach, playing DOTA, or trying to conquer every eatery in Sydney.

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  4. Community Spotlight | Shaun McGrath

    Community Spotlight | Shaun McGrath


    About Shaun

    Hi, I’m Shaun McGrath,  life is busy - I am a father of 4 young kids that I love dearly but who do their very best to turn my brain into a puddle daily. My day time is as spent as Creative Director of Access hairdressing here in Sydney, my career in hair has taken me all over the world and allowed me to do some wonderful things it is both my job and hobbies I really love it and over the years it has been my unknowing education in photography.

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  5. Community Spotlight | Benjamin Cramp

    Community Spotlight | Benjamin Cramp


    About Benjamin

    Hi, my name is Benjamin Cramp. I am a High School student. I like to capture Time with Photography.


    What gear do you use?

    I use a Canon 1500d with a kit lens and a Canon 55-250mm. I also use a Manfrotto camera bag.

    What type of photography are you into?

    I am into Astrophotography and Landscapes. Wildlife is also very interesting to shoot. I love to go and take photos any chance I get.

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  6. Community Spotlight | Hugo Isert

    Community Spotlight | Hugo Isert


    About Hugo

    I'm Hugo Isert a 14-year-old Australian photographer. I go to Cranbrook School in Sydney, Australia and I started getting into photography just a little over a year ago. Every weekend I go out and explore Sydney taking photos along the way and sharing them through Instagram and my website. 


    What gear do you use?

    I currently use a Canon camera (200D ii) and a few Canon lenses. I am lucky enough to use Nisi filters, a Manfrotto tripod, and a Lowepro bag. Recently I purchased a Mavic 2 Pro and I have enjoyed experimenting with

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  7. Community Spotlight Mike Selva

    Community Spotlight Mike Selva


    About Mike

    My name is Michael Selvakumar aka Mike Selva, my day job is - Business Development Executive at American Express, and my hobbies mostly relate to photography.


    What gear do you use?

    My main gear is Sony - A7riii & A7rii and the lenses I predominantly use are the 24 - 70 2.8 G master, 70 - 200 2.8 G master & 50 1.8. I also shoot on my Google Pixel 3XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max for my mobile photography account @whiskymikebravo

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  8. Community Spotlight | Kaid Burgess

    Community Spotlight | Kaid Burgess


    About Kaid

    I’m currently working on the grounds maintenance team at a school in Sydney while I study ancient history and secondary education at Macquarie Uni. I enjoy most things that get me out and about. I grew up on a farm where shooting and motorbike riding were regular past-times, but when I moved to Sydney and had little access to those hobbies I took to things like bushwalking/hiking, etc. I also like to keep in good shape physically so do a fair bit of exercise, and I enjoy music (I’m primarily a singer), and photography of course.  

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  9. Community Spotlight | Trevor Lawrence

    Community Spotlight | Trevor Lawrence


    About Trevor

    I’m Trevor but known as T, my work as a Sales Exec for Medianet involves working with press releases and media in general, in my downtime, I enjoy soccer, cycling, swimming as well as books, art, music and indeed photography. 

    Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

    What gear do you use?

    I currently have a trusty Nikon D7100 with 18-200mm, 18-55mm, 50mm Nikon lenses & iPhone 11 ProMax, having said that, I mostly use the 18-200mm, a

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  10. Community Spotlight | Darcy Jones

    Community Spotlight | Darcy Jones

    A selfie (Tripod) on my birthday. I sat down ready to smile, then I heard the eruption. 

    About Darcy

    Hey! My name’s Darcy Jones. Professionally I am a specialty barista, but outside of my 40 hour week, I have spent years travelling around the world from Australia to Europe, North Africa, the Caucasus, and through the Middle East, through to South East Asia and the Pacific Islands. I’ve met the people, eaten the foods, and captured every moment of it in still photography. 

    The Blue Cave, Tanna Island
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