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Black Eye PHOTO CASE - iPhone XR

Black Eye PHOTO CASE - iPhone XR


Key Features

  • For the iPhone XR
  • Moment Lens Interface
  • Thin and Lightweight
  • Rubberized Body
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Brand Black Eye

Black Eye PHOTO CASE - iPhone XR

This case comes with the Moment lens interface built in, so you can use the current generation of Moment lenses with your device. The thin, lightweight case has a rubberized body and rounded edges to keep your device safe from scratches and bumps, and is suitable for photography with the lens removed. A wrist strap attachment on the bottom gives you another carrying option.

What Scenes Are Best to Shoot?


Slim and minimal, this case is suited for daily use.

Night Out

Wear it around your wrist or in your back pocket.


Light and easy to carry with textured materials for a user-friendly grip.


Fits in pockets and attaches to straps for an easy carry.

Taking Pictures

This case has curved edges and a textured back for one-handed shooting.

General Features

  • The mount interface has been improved with a fiberglass-reinforced material so it's stronger than ever before.
  • The inner geometry of the case has been redesigned to provide additional protection against drops. Additional protection is provided by an interior microsuede lining.
  • The bottom face of the case is now protected, while still offering crisp sound through the stereo speakers and supporting Moment's strap attachments.
  • The front-facing bevel is flush at the bottom to support the use of gestures on the One Plus 6.
What's in the box

What is in the box:

  • Black Eye PHOTO CASE - iPhone XR
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What's in the box

What is in the box:

  • Black Eye PHOTO CASE - iPhone XR