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SmallHD FOCUS 5” On-Camera Monitor - Power Bundle

SmallHD FOCUS 5” On-Camera Monitor - Power Bundle

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  • 5-inch 1280 x 720 Touchscreen Monitor
  • 800 Nit Brightness
  • Micro-HDMI Input
  • Power-through Function to Power Camera
  • Articulating Arm to Mount Camera Included
  • Focus and Exposure Assistance Tools
  • Custom LUTs Support
  • Includes Battery, Charger, and a Camera Battery Coupler
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Essential Accessories
The SmallHD FOCUS 5” On-Camera Monitor - Power Bundle includes a 5-inch IPS LCD with a touchscreen and NP-F style battery that can power both the monitor and your camera. With 800nits brightness and HD resolution, the FOCUS provides a clear view of your frame even in bright daylight allowing you to refine your composition, focus and exposure massively increasing your projects production value.

5-inch HD Monitor

With a 1280 x 720 HD resolution, the SmallHD FOCUS has a 5-inch touchscreen with an ultra-bright 800nits capability that can be viewed easily, even in strong daylight. The IPS (In-plane switching) design LCD delivers an impressive 160° viewing angle so you check the framing of your shot in any lighting condition.

Correct Colour Representation

The monitor can display 10-bit colour and has a higher pixel density than a retina display. This gives you the ability to capture accurate colours and perfect focus to minimise extra work in post-production and be confident you’ve got the shot.

Convenient Mounting

Attaching to the camera’s shoe mount, the included FOCUS Tilt Arm that allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the monitor with 180° of vertical articulation. You can still mount accessories such as a microphone, LED light on the additional cold shoe on the tilt arm so you don’t sacrifice an accessory shoe by mounting the monitor.

Intuitive User Experience

An intuitive graphical user interface called Swipe OS ensures incredibly simple navigation. You can zoom into the frame for critical focus with a pinch gesture, and take advantage of a range of tools and focusing aids such as Waveform, False Colour, Focus Peaking, Focus Assist, Zebra and Pixel Zoom.


A simple interface makes it easy to connect the monitor, with a single micro-HDMI input, micro-USB port for camera control, and an SD card slot that lets you load custom LUTs, software tools and upgrade the firmware. The 3.5mm port allows you to connect headphones for real-time audio monitoring even if your camera doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Compact and Lightweight

The FOCUS boasts a lightweight design and portable form factor that doesn’t add a huge amount of bulk when mounted over the camera, making the on-camera monitor an attractive option for DSLR and mirrorless video shooters.

Auxiliary Power Out

The FOCUS’s pass-through power function means you can recharge your camera with the monitor’s NP-F style battery using the included camera specific battery adapter cable to extend your camera’s battery life by about 2-3 times. Perfect for filming long events and remote shoots on-location, the power bundle is available for select Nikon, Canon, Sony and Panasonic Models.

Comprehensive Power Kit

The SmallHD FOCUS 5” On-Camera Monitor - Power Bundle kit includes an Anton Bauer NP-F style Li-Ion Battery with 4400mAh capacity to power the monitor. It also includes a L-series battery charger and a compatible battery coupler available in a series of different battery types to suit various cameras.

Manufacturer Code: 33.1.MON-FOCUS

Product Code: SmallHD Focus

More Information
Brand SmallHD


Panel Type

IPS Touchscreen

Size Diagonal




Pixel Density (PPI)


Aspect Ratio


Active Area



800 nits


Colour Gamut

70% NTSC

Colour Depth

10-bit processing

Viewing Angle

160 Degrees

Backlight Type

White LED

Adjustable Backlight


Temperature Adaptive Colour


Input Signal Types/Formats





Supports UHD-1 4K at 30/29.97 @ RGB 444 8bit, YCC 444 8bit, YCC 422 12 bit & 24/23.98 @ RGB 444 10/8 bit, YCC 444 10/8bit, YCC 422 12 bit Supports YCC 4:2:2, 8/10/12 bit colour in RGB & YCC 4:4:4, 1080p60, 1080p59.94, 1080p50, 1080p30, 1080p29.97 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98,1080i120, 1080i119.88, 1080i100, 1080i60, 1080i59.94, 1080i50, 720p120, 720p119.88, 720p/100, 720p60, 720p59.94 , 720p50, 720p30, 720p29.97, 720p25, 720p24, 720p23.98, 480p59.94, 480p60, 480p100, 480p119.88, 480p120, 480p239.76, 480p240, 576p50, 576p100, 576p200, 480i59.94, 480i60, 480i119.88, 480i120, 480i239.76, 480i240, 576i50, 576i100

What's in the box
  • FOCUS 5-inch On-Camera Monitor
  • FOCUS Tilt Arm
  • FOCUS to Battery Coupler
  • Anton Bauer L-Series Battery
  • Anton Bauer L-Series Battery Charger
  • 30cm Micro USB to Micro USB Cable
  • 30cm Connection Cable
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What's in the box
  • FOCUS 5-inch On-Camera Monitor
  • FOCUS Tilt Arm
  • FOCUS to Battery Coupler
  • Anton Bauer L-Series Battery
  • Anton Bauer L-Series Battery Charger
  • 30cm Micro USB to Micro USB Cable
  • 30cm Connection Cable