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  1. Sony M Series 32gb XQD 440mb/s

    With the highly durable and reliable 32GB M Series XQD Memory Card from Sony you can capture photos and video in a variety of locations as it comes shock, temperature, X-ray, magnetic, electrostatic, temperature proof, and can guard against UV light. With data read speeds up to 440 MB/s and write speeds up to 80 MB/s this XQD memory card is perfect for capturing RAW images and video in a variety of formats up to and including 4K.
  2. Sony M Series 64gb XQD 440mb/s

    Dramatically reduce ingest time, even for large quantities of RAW images or 4K video files. An exclusive controller provides wear-levelling technology, error correction, and a read/refresh function for stable data reading and recording. The robust structure with card thickness and pin protection for reliable use.
  3. Sony M Series 128gb XQD 440mb/s

    The Sony XQD M Series 128GB card boasts a read speed of 440mb/s and a write speed of 150mb/s it allows you to save files in a variety of formats including RAW and is especially handy if you are shooting 4K videos or fast burst rate shooting for professional applications.
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