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  1. Sony M Series 32gb XQD 440mb/s

    With the highly durable and reliable 32GB M Series XQD Memory Card from Sony you can capture photos and video in a variety of locations as it comes shock, temperature, X-ray, magnetic, electrostatic, temperature proof, and can guard against UV light. With data read speeds up to 440 MB/s and write speeds up to 80 MB/s this XQD memory card is perfect for capturing RAW images and video in a variety of formats up to and including 4K.
  2. Sony M Series 64gb XQD 440mb/s

    Dramatically reduce ingest time, even for large quantities of RAW images or 4K video files. An exclusive controller provides wear-levelling technology, error correction, and a read/refresh function for stable data reading and recording. The robust structure with card thickness and pin protection for reliable use.
  3. Sony M Series 128gb XQD 440mb/s

    The Sony XQD M Series 128GB card boasts a read speed of 440mb/s and a write speed of 150mb/s it allows you to save files in a variety of formats including RAW and is especially handy if you are shooting 4K videos or fast burst rate shooting for professional applications.
  4. Lexar Professional 2933X 32GB 440mb/s

    Designed for use in a variety of high-definition and high resolution cameras, the 32GB 2933x XQD 2.0 Memory Card from Lexar utilizes PCI Express as a data interface to provide read speeds of up to 440 MB/s and write speeds of up to 390 MB/s. With a data transfer speed rating of 2933x you can record 4K video and capture high resolution images with ease. Whether you record in studio or out in the elements this card stands up to temperature extremes, water, and shock to keep your files safe, even on-the-go. If your files do become corrupted or accidentally deleted, Lexars Image Rescue recovery software is there to help you recover them.
  5. Lexar Professional 2933X 128GB 440mb/s

    When you need high performance storage, the Lexar 128GB Professional 2933x XQ 2.0 card provides performance and reliability you can trust. This rugged, high-speed card supports both PCI Express® Gen 2 and USB 3.0 interfaces, and provides high-speed performance, durability, and reliability, with a read transfer speed up to 440MB/s and write speed up to 400MB/s.
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