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Camera Bags

Sick of carrying around heavy, bulky equipment? Whether you are a professional photographer or just kicking off your career, a bag to store and transport all your gear is 100% necessary. At Georges, we stock an extensive range of high quality bags, from backpacks and shoulder bags to wheelie bags, you’ll have no problem finding exactly what you need with us.


Roller bags

Roller bags are a must for those with multiple cameras, tripods, lenses, a speedlight, batteries, memory cards, straps and the list goes on. With a roller bag, you can easily lug all your necessities around. It can also help keep your gear organised with customisable tailored compartments. They can also help eliminate back problems and for those photographers that love to travel, roller bags are easy to take on planes, trains and buses.



Backpacks are the perfect solution for photographers who are always on the go. With the ability to carry just about anything, backpacks provide stability and comfort, no matter how much you’re moving. Georges offers over 100 backpacks with different size variations available depending on the amount of equipment you have. Backpacks are also great for travel and also work well in adventure situations.


Drone backpacks

Georges also stocks a range of drone backpacks for drone pilots looking for the perfect solution to carry around all their equipment. Made specifically to carry and organise all the necessary equipment needed to operate a drone, these bags are the perfect solution for those traveling with their drone or who need a place to store their bulky drone on the go.