Georges does not Grey Import!


Georges now aims to provide competitive global pricing on all our DSLR products. This allows you to buy locally at a very similar price to overseas (grey) imports with the added benefit of receiving a local Australian manufacture warranty, Australian chargers & manuals (not overseas chargers & photocopied manuals), with the protection from Australian Consumer Laws.

Compare our prices, but don't forget the important points below when comparing the price of an overseas (grey) import:

Most Grey sites don't include GST, you will need to add 10% GST plus 5% importing tax to the listed price. This is the amount that customs will levy on you as an individual before releasing your product. If unsure always call the company first and ask if GST is listed on the invoice.

You will need to factor in freight to the price. Often Grey sites will levy up to $100 to ship.

Check Pay Pal and credit card surcharges, this can reach up to 6% on certain sites.

Grey suppliers do not have a warranty through the local manufacturer, a picture of an Australia flag does not mean it comes with an Australian warranty, often it means that an inferior repairer is based in Australia to complete repairs.

Remember, purchasing locally also means that you can claim your 10% tax refund when traveling overseas within a 60 day period.


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